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7 Reasons Your Child Needs to Study in a Boarding School


Education is more than just learning to read and write. It is the key to success in personal, professional and social life. In an increasingly distracted world, focus can be a major determinant of success. Life at a boarding school can provide that important element to children besides the other facilities and opportunities. Indus International School, Pune is a great day-cum-boarding school. It has been ranked as one of the top IB board schools in Pune and the whole of Maharashtra. In case you are still toying with the idea, check out the major reasons to opt for a boarding school for your child:


1.      Boarding schools hire some of the passionate, highly qualified and experienced teachers. Indus International School, Pune is counted amongst the best IB board schools in Pune only because of our teaching and other staff members.

2.      The amount of academic work undertaken by students of boarding schools is simply stupendous and the aim is quality education rather than to prepare for some examination.

3.      The range of sports, sports facilities and teams offered by boarding schools is outstanding and the coaching provided is simply excellent. Add to it the number of inter- and intra-school competitions that the sports teams of the boarding schools get to attend which gives them all the experience they need to perform well in the particular sport.

4.      Theatre, dance, music and fine arts, you name it and the boarding schools provide it as part of their arts programs and facilities. Indus International School, Pune is a great place for the artistically inclined students.     

5.      Well-stocked libraries and high-end media centres offer the necessary support to the students in pursuit of excellence.

6.      Being away from home is never an easy thing, but everyone has to make the move sooner or later. Indus International School, Pune is a home away from home for the young learners. They learn to cope with life’s highs and lows amongst their peers under the watchful eyes of the teachers who are more of mentors rather than baby sitters.  

7.      Boarding schools prepare their students for life. They become responsible for their own actions and learn to get along with different types of people. In short, boarding schools lay the solid foundation for adulthood.  


Indus International School, Pune is a great place for your child in terms of academics, athletics and extracurricular activities. Being ranked as one of the top IB board schools in Pune and the whole of Maharashtra for five consecutive years speaks about our quality and class. Give your child the head start that he/she deserves in life with Indus International School. 

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