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Submitted by admin@indusschoolblr on Mon, 12/02/2019 - 13:39
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Ms Anjali has been with Indus for the last 6 years and has served as an early year’s facilitator to later on becoming an early year’s coordinator. She comes with a lot of experience having worked with Mercedes Benz international school, Pune for 4 years before joining Indus.

Ms Anjali has completed her post graduate certification course in early childhood learning along with a bachelors in applied arts. She initially worked in the advertising field as a head visualiser but, later went on to join the education world. Her passion to work with the younger children is evident in the various learning strategies she brings in to the early years curriculum to give the students an enriching and holistic experience.

Her passion for animals is known to the Indus community. She imparts her believes and values of compassion to the student and teacher community through various events throughout the year. She also volunteers for many NGO’s across Pune and serves the sick and needy animals during her weekends and free time.