Student Life



Parimal Patil Class of 2013

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is certainly one of the most challenging courses available in High schools around the world. Indus International School, Pune has given its best to make sure that the students not only gain the IB diploma but also develop as a person with exceptional leadership skills. These 2 years of IB have definitely been very rigorous but It has made me confident enough to face the challenges at the University.”

Akshay Gidwani Class of 2013

Leaders of tomorrow, an emblematic phrase and the motto of our beloved school, has played a pivotal role in my life as a student at Indus International School, Pune. Open-mindedness is what I encountered in abundance throughout my 2 years as an IB student. Freedom of speech, leadership and scholastic merits are merely end products of a fascinating experience not only as a student, but as an individual.”

Anushka Narkhede (10th grader) , India.

I have really enjoyed my time here at Indus International School, Pune. Every day is a new adventure and every class provides a new experience. The teachers here are the best I have learnt from. The atmosphere in Indus has always made me feel safe, comfortable and excited. The friends I have made here are going to stay with me forever and the memories are always going to be cherished. Here at Indus, we learn to love, respect and achieve. I appreciate the support that we receive from everyone and the motivation we gain in order to achieve what we desire. Indus feels like home.