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How Teachers Can Build a Positive Relationship with Parents?


Parents are the first teachers of a child. A parent is the first person who teaches the child to walk, eat, talk and many other things. Formal learning starts when the child starts going to school. From then, teachers help the child to learn in a formal environment. It is the responsibility of both teacher and parents to play an active role in the child’s learning process.  


Ways to Nurture the Parent-Teacher Relationship

Classroom teaching can help a student in achieving knowledge with grades and scores. However, it requires a combined effort of parents and teacher to make the child a better human being. A healthy and positive relationship between parents and teacher is the key to a child’s success.


Here are some tips for teachers to foster a relationship with your student’s parents.


•    Effective Communication

Consistent and continuous communication can help you a lot. Keep in touch with the parents through different channels and discuss your goals for the child. Update them about the assignments and activities. Do not forget to surprise them with an appreciation call for the great performance of the child. All of this will create a sense of responsibility and belongingness.


•    Explain your Plans

Teachers are experts at their work. However, parents might not understand and do things according to the protocol. Educate parents about your teaching systems such as curriculum, testing pattern and more. Listen and understand the opinions of parents, and give them the required information along with a tentative solution, in case there are any learning issues in the child.


•    Listen to Parents

Parents too will have ideas and opinions about their child’s learning and growth. So, it is important to listen to what the parents are saying. Sometimes, parents can tell you things about the child that you may not observe in the class but will form an essential part of the child’s learning and development.


•    Be Resourceful

Help parents with the required knowledge and ideas for addressing issues and areas of concern. You can give parents tips on how they can deal with a child’s homework and assignments. Suggest reading material, videos or other tutorials that parents can read or watch so they can help their child’s learning and development.


At Indus International School Pune, we have a Parent Advisory Committee that brings together parents and teachers for the benefit of the students. We don’t just focus on academics and sports, but on providing holistic education to students. To know more about our school, you can reach us at Indus international school Pune contact numbers +9120-3917 2000/ +9120-3917 2210.

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