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Futuristic Skills Students Need for Life

Indus International School Pune

Learning is not just about academics and grade. In this highly competitive environment, it is essential for students to learn futuristic skills that will help them face global competition. Parents and teachers need to work together to prepare students to face the different challenges of real life. In century, it is essential to possess a life skills to face the future.


Here is a list of few skills that can help the student to survive in a dynamic environment of the future:


•    Curiosity and Imagination

Children possess a healthy imagination and curiosity to learn new things. Teachers need to encourage and motivate students to think out of the box. Creative thinking will be one of the preferred skills that employers will look for. Students need to learn independent and innovative thinking to stand apart from the crowd. 


•    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

The ability to analyse a problem and find realistic solutions is one of the essential futuristic skills. Teachers can help in developing these skills by presenting certain situations and asking for the solutions. Role play can help in problem-solving and critical thinking. 


•    Effective Communication

Effective communication is the key to success. To make people understand ideas, they need to be effectively communicated, either in oral language or written language. Apart from language, semantics and verbal ability, students should also learn about body language and non-verbal communication to become effective communicators.


•    Agility and Adaptability

In this dynamic environment, it is essential to accept the changes that happen around us. Community-based learning and social awareness help students understand the larger perspective of life and also get to work with people from different backgrounds. Studying in an international school also exposes children to students from different ethnicities. Learning to adapt to different personalities will surely be an asset in the future.


•    Accessing and Analysing Information

The Internet offers an unimaginable amount of information. It is important that students learn to access the right data and garner relevant information. Students need to learn not just to analyse information, but also differentiate between genuine and fake information.


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