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Education That Goes Beyond Academics and Curriculum

Indus International Pune

Following a curriculum and learning within a classroom is an integral part of a child’s education. But clearly, it will not ensure overall development. Exposure to different environmental stimuli, sports, music or art can nurture young and impressionable minds. Therefore, education that aims at a child’s holistic development is always appreciated vis-a-vis one that goes on inside a classroom.

Indus International Pune is one such school that believes in focusing on a child’s overall development. They have designed programs that are specifically tailored to every child’s interest. Your child can nurture his or her skills in art and craft, dance, music, drama or sports and have access to the best teaching methodologies in this school.

Although academics is an extremely important part of the school’s curriculum, the school also believes in the motto of education that goes beyond academics. In keeping with this belief, a number of opportunities are given to children for enhancing and improving their skills. 

Leadership Curriculum

Indus International Pune has a unique leadership curriculum that helps children develop a connection with society, the environment and their inner self. It allows children to unleash their hidden talents. Students visualise a goal which they need to achieve by the end of the year with the help of teachers. TED-Ed sessions are also organised to tap into the creative, communicative, collaborative and critical thinking skills. Experiential learning, mindfulness sessions and community service are some of the other areas of this curriculum, which help children to learn life skills.

Counselling and placement services

Counsellors at Indus International Pune help students get admission in colleges and universities around the world. The school supports students and parents throughout the admission procedure. They train students by conducting mock interviews, writing letters of recommendation, offering guidance for financial aid and acting as a liaison between applicants and universities.  

Specialised Parent Advisory Committee

The Parental Advisory Committee allows parents to share their feedback with the school authorities. They help resolve any issues related to academics, co-curricular, sports or other activities.

If you go through some of the Indus School Pune reviews, you’ll be surprised to find out about the numerous benefits of studying in a top IB school. You can also visit our school to watch us in action.

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