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Whole Education

Indus is one of the few schools that goes beyond academics, catering to students’ signature strengths. Here arts, crafts, music, dance, drama and sports are given as much importance as academics. The Leadership Curriculum is unique to Indus. It allows students to set skill-based goals in several areas. We believe that skill development is essential to prepare students for life.

All of these aspects provide for Whole Education. The Leadership Curriculum, Indus Orchestra, House Visions, Community Service Projects, inter-school tournaments, inter-house competitions are just some of the opportunities provided to students. Through these features, we aim to teach skills that would prepare students for the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world that lies ahead of them. Indus is also the only school that places Whole Education at par with academics.

We firmly believe in providing Whole Education, but not at the cost of academics.

Leadership Curriculum

The Leadership Curriculum at Indus International School focuses on self-actualisation of the students, helping them value their talent to unlock their potential ultimately. Knowledge acquired from the classrooms may augment practical understanding. The main agenda of the leadership curriculum is to go beyond that. It is to connect the children to the society, to the environment, and most importantly to their self.

The Leadership Curriculum places emphasis on students’ having a vision and setting themselves goals (academic, whole education and service oriented) for them. Further, They draw up plans to achieve these in the course of the year and work with teachers, who carry out periodic checks on the progress each student has made in this regard.

TED-Ed sessions lead to I-Lead talks, where every child is encouraged to come with an original idea or a story that can inspire his immediate and proximate surroundings. It is a part of the leadership curriculum, right from PYP through DP. Most often, students use the design thinking process to identify and then use their creative, collaborative, communicative and critical thinking skills to come up with an innovative solution to the issue they have identified.

To facilitate experiential learning, students also attend a camp organised by the Indus School of Leadership. The Discovery Course here is the first and one of its kind in India. The course is designed to simulate an environment of perceived risk. It aims to help the individual discover oneself, work in collaboration toward decision making and problem-solving.

Regular sessions on Mindfulness help students connect with themselves and live the moment happily. When they understand what true happiness is, they become the change agents to create happiness for themselves and others. By being mindful, students understand the core values of love, respect, empathy and discipline with better clarity. Community service also forms context to the leadership curriculum. Students, through their house visions as well as individual/group projects, work towards giving back to the society that they belong to, directly and indirectly.

Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI)

At Indus International School we believe that the aptitude of teachers is critical. Thus, Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI) was set up with a specific mission to ensure capacity building of all our firmaments. ITARI was inaugurated on 1st December 2009, by Mr Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco, California, U.S.A. ITARI expeditiously strives towards developing the intellectual acumen of individuals and develops their expertise across learners of all age groups, nationalities, and subject areas, through the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

ITARI is the first training institute in India to offer Postgraduate level, professional teaching certification programmes in International Education, exclusively customised to meet the requirement of international and progressive Schools. ITARI’s higher education programmes are offered in affiliation with reputed Universities (University of Bath, Birmingham City University and University of Glasgow) and are recognised in 140 countries. All the Postgraduate courses meet high academic standards with a focus on IB training for teachers, mentoring, and professional competencies equivalent to the National Teachers Standards stipulated in England. Since its inception in 2009, over a short span of 8 years, ITARI has registered 890 teachers on various courses. The qualifying teachers were recruited by leading International Schools across the country and abroad.


Placements and Counselling Services

The Indus International School, Pune helps students build upon their positive experiences at Indus to gain admission into colleges and universities all over the world. Applying to colleges and universities is an exciting and revealing experience which gives you a chance to look at who you are, what you value, and what you might want to do with your life. It can also be complicated, demanding, and a time-consuming process. Indus counsellors guide, support, and counsel students and parents as they research schools, make choices, select and visit universities, and complete applications.

To assist with the university selection and application process, Indus’s college counsellors have developed an almost “bulletproof” guide that helps our students navigate this arduous process of college/university applications.



Our comprehensive counselling program guides and supports students throughout the university application process, beginning in Grade X and continuing throughout Grade XII. The program includes:

  • A university workshop for parents and students of Grade X and XI that provides a general overview of the university application process
  • University presentations for Grade XI students and parents detailing all aspects of the university application process
  • Initial individual student consultations in term 2 of Grade XI followed by meetings with both students and parents in Grade XI and throughout Grade XII
  • Consultations with students to discuss their choice of countries and the different academic systems in them, as well as the selection of schools, university courses and/or disciplines, depending on the system
  • Providing information and materials such as university brochures, catalogues, and guides as resources for students in their university search
  • Offering the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) at Indus to Grade IX, X and XI students every October
  • Advice on standardised testing, including the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude/Assessment Test), the ACT (American College Test), the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and the IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • Identifying schools that are a good fit depending on the student’s interests, academic strengths, athletic skills, and other factors relevant to the student
  • Assistance and guidance in the preparation of applications including personal statements, essays, mock interviews, and contact with university representatives
  • Counsellor/referee letters of recommendation that strongly support student’s candidature to appropriate universities
  • Workshops in term 2 of Grade XI and term 1 of Grade XII on conducting university research and selection as well as preparing applications, essays, and interviews
  • Advice on extracurricular and summer activities
  • Counsel on how students can effectively communicate with universities in all aspects of the application process
  • Guidance on financial aid
  • Maintaining relationships with universities and contacting representatives to support individual applications
  • Organising Indus visits from university representatives in the UK, continental Europe, US, Canada, and other countries
  • Organising University Fairs, where students and parents can attend and meet with admissions officers from over 70 institutions from the UK, US, and Canada
  • Taking interested students to University Fairs in Pune
  • “Best Fit” advice after conditional offers and acceptances in the spring
  • Advice on Wait List situations in the US and Canada
  • Guidance on “Clearing” and “Adjustment” in the UK system after August 1st.

The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Indus is one of the few top IB schools that follow an open-door communication policy with parents as we believe that they are our partners in their child’s education. This partnership is unique in the sense that it creates a nurturing environment for the kids, where we ensure that the best possible decisions are taken with a common goal in mind - to educate our students with the right skills to succeed in life. In view of this, we value parental feedback which helps us rectify, reinvent, and raise our benchmark of success on a continuous basis.

To facilitate this, we have the Parental Advisory Committee (PAC). It was formed to give parents a platform to share any feedback they have on any aspect of school life. The PAC is of the parents, by the parents, and for the students. The PAC is led by a Chairperson and Co-Chairperson who are ably supported by their team who oversees curriculum, co-curricular, communication, sports, boarding, and facilities areas. Further, there are grade wise Yahoo Groups created by the PAC for parents to interact and discuss with each other on matters pertinent to school and their child’s grade-specific concerns. Each group is moderated by a parent moderator. This unique approach to education is what makes Indus International School one of the best IB schools in the country.