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Indus seeks the power of AI infused education.

Mr Michael Mathews, Chief Information Officer at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma, visited Indus International Schools during 16-18 July 2018. It was an exploratory visit to set up an Artific...

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IISP Student Haaziq Kazi speaks at TED-Ed Clubs

Insights come in so many ways and sometimes from the mouth of a child! The plight and struggle of the aquatic life, trying to survive the waste dumped into the oceans moved 11-year-old Haaziq Kazi to ...

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Smart Creatives – Training the Teachers

Indus lays great stress on the professional development of teachers. It envisions nurturing teachers who are educators, who have a strong grasp in technical knowledge, who are business savvy with tran...

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Giving Back to the Society - Now and Forever

At Indus International School, we believe in creating leaders of tomorrow. Such leaders are born when teachers strive for excellence in their classrooms. By taking this exercise to the underprivileged...

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5 reasons that set Indus International School Apart from the rest

5 Reasons Why Indus International Family is Where You Belong Whole-Education – Indus believes that skill development is essential for the holistic development of the students. Arts, crafts, music, da...

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The Environment Brigade

Battling environmental degradation is something we take very seriously at Indus International School. Enabling youngsters to make them feel closer to nature and value the essence of mother earth is a ...

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