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The Environment Brigade

The Environment Brigade

Battling environmental degradation is something we take very seriously at Indus International School. Enabling youngsters to make them feel closer to nature and value the essence of mother earth is a part Indus culture.

Here are five ways how students are taught to have a green thumb at Indus:

  • Plant it: We encourage students to celebrate their achievements or mark the achievement by planting a tree either at Indus or home, as a milestone.
  • Don’t Litter: We believe in making our students responsible citizens and helping them maintain a clean environment. Following our Prime minister’s initiative of 'Swacch Bharat Abhiyan' we have recycling bins across the campus. Students are taught and educated that it is each individual’s responsibility to maintain a clean environment
  • Recycle: We teach our students the best ways to recycle products. We encourage projects and models made from recycled products by our students.
  • Wastage: It is essential for students to not waste resources, whether it is about food or energy resources. We also believe in using energy efficiently with the help of solar panels.
  • Close to nature: We encourage students to spend time amongst the green landscape spread across 40 acres and draw inspiration from nature rather than being dependent on gadgets.
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