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IISP Student Haaziq Kazi speaks at TED-Ed Clubs

IISP Student Haaziq Kazi speaks at TEDx

Insights come in so many ways and sometimes from the mouth of a child! The plight and struggle of the aquatic life, trying to survive the waste dumped into the oceans moved 11-year-old Haaziq Kazi to come up with an innovative solution to this world hazard. It is with immense pride and obvious delight that we present his TED-Ed Clubs Talk to you. This talk not only underscores his brilliance and desire for change but also highlights the ethos of Indus International School Pune - to go beyond providing conventional education to our students. Along with a sound curriculum, we sow the seeds of knowledge, reflection, agility, empathy and innovation in our ‘Eagles.' It ensures whole-education that prepares them for life’s challenges. After listening to Haaziq Kazi's TED-Ed Clubs' talk, you’ll know that it won’t be an exaggeration to say that we nurture the minds and hearts of the future.

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