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Indus Spotlight

Humanoid Teacher: A Pathbreaking Innovation in Education

Many instances in the past have proved that human intelligence when coupled with artificial intelligence can do wonders. Keeping that in mind, Indus International School, Bangalore (IISB) is the first...

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How Teachers Can Build a Positive Relationship with Parents?

Parents are the first teachers of a child. A parent is the first person who teaches the child to walk, eat, talk and many other things. Formal learning starts when the child starts going to school. Fr...

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Futuristic Skills Students Need for Life

Learning is not just about academics and grade. In this highly competitive environment, it is essential for students to learn futuristic skills that will help them face global competition. Parents and...

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Guide to Applying for Admission at Indus International School Pune

Indus International School Pune strives to deliver holistic education to all its students by offering a safe and friendly environment for the students. It is dedicated to creating global citizens who ...

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Belief: A fundamental of life

Our beliefs are good substitutes for pursuing a higher purpose. Beliefs are truths arrived at by individuals experientially. They are ethical and pro-life, and the individual has to be a practitioner...

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