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Education World Ranking Awards Received in Delhi on 17th Dec, 2021. Indus International School Pune ranked No.7 in India, Ranked No. 1 in Maharashtra…

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Introducing Eagle 4 Robot for assisting teachers in the classroom, with enhanced features and functionalities of content delivery, two-way interaction, conversation capabilities, student recognition through voice, student engagement analysis through facial recognition and automated assessment…

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” ― Abraham Lincoln 

The key to performing well in any task, exam or…

Education in its current form needs to be urgently re-examined. With the world becoming more volatile, and unpredictable, and with disruptive technologies leading to rapid obsolescence in jobs and knowledge, the purpose of education should be to prepare children for a future we do not know. To…

Ceo message

From the CEO/MD’s desk

Lt. General (Retired) Arjun Ray (PVSM, VSM) Founder CEO & MD
Indus Trust

You must be familiar with Pareto’s 80/20 Principle. This stipulates that only 20% tasks – the “critical few,” are essential; the rest 80% are “trivia.” As leaders, and as teachers and students, we must invest 80% of our time on our 20%. If you do that the outcome will be 80%.

The next step is how do we focus on the 20%? My advice to everyone is “be intentional” about whatever is critical or important (having long-term implications). Intentionality will include the following:

  • Convert the 20% critical tasks into SMART and challenging goals.
  • Don’t lift your eyes from the task. The task is not an activity; its outcome has to be measured. Be prepared to accept temporary slippage in your 80%, if need be.
  • Persistence on achieving the goal/task.

Living intentionally is being deliberate: is having a clear purpose, clarity on the desired outcome, reflection, and followup. This is also the secret of lifelong learning – to live intentionally.

With warm regards,

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