Age Criteria

As of July 30th
UK System US System
IB PYP Reception 3-4 years Nursery Pre-School
Prep 1 4-5 years Reception Pre-KG
Prep 2 5-6 years Year 1 KG
Grade 1 6-7 years Year 2 Grade 1
Grade 2 7-8 years Year 3 Grade 2
Grade 3 8-9 years Year 4 Grade 3
Grade 4 9-10 years Year 5 Grade 4
Grade 5 10-11 years Year 6 Grade 5
IB MYP Grade 6 11-12 years Year 7 Grade 6
Grade 7 12-13 years Year 8 Grade 7
Grade 8 13-14 years Year 9 Grade 8
Grade 9 14-15 years Year 10 Grade 9
Grade 10 15-16 years Year 11 Grade 10
IB DP Grade 11 16-17 years Year 12 Grade 11
Grade 12 17-18 years Year 13 Grade 12

The age criteria for admission is as follows:

  1. A 2-month leeway from July 31st can be exercised depending on the history and the abilities of the child. So the cut-off date of July 31st may be extended up to September 30th, provided the child is able to cope with the curriculum and fits in the average category of the grade. The 2-month leeway will be applicable to children from Reception onwards.
  2. Where an extension has been provided, provisional admission into the grade will be offered, but the school reserves the right to review the grade appropriateness in a month after admissions. The decision will be made in consultation with the Principal, Head of School, Academic Coordinator, Teachers and Parents.
  3. Nursery – Given this is our entry point, our cut-off can be extended to October 31st. However, the school reserves the right to review its decision in two months’ time in order to assess the child’s suitability.
  4. Grade 10 – as the enrolled student appear for the board exams in the very same year, alignment of subjects and curriculum with IB MYP is crucial even if the age criteria is met. Therefore, admission will be granted only after the Head Of School and IB MPY Coordinator scrutinizes the curriculum documents and transcripts to ensure a smooth transition.
  5. For IB DP, the minimum age is 16 years. There is no upper age limit for this course.