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Collaborative Learning Model

85% of a teacher’s time is spent in routine tasks: preparation and delivery of content (4 out of 7 periods a day), formative and summative assessments, house-keeping and record-keeping chores. As a result, she finds it a challenge to spend quality time and personalize learning; to teach the child, and not just the subject. After all, that is her primary role.

We intend to introduce teacher-robots in the near future; they will make the teacher more relevant than what they are today. This will be marked by complementary between human teachers and robots as shown below:

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Collaborative Learning Model

Introducing Eagle 4 Robot for assisting teachers in the classroom, with enhanced features and functionalities of content...

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Sep 14
Gr 10 Virtual Leadership camp
Sep 16 - Sep 17
MYP and DP Interhouse Art Competition
Wednesday - Thursday
Sep 18
Teachers Day Celebrations
Sep 21
PTM Commences
Aug 24
PYP Interhouse Dance Competition
Oct 05
Literacy Week Begins
Oct 08
Student Led Conferences
Oct 15 - Oct 26
Dussehra Break
Oct 27 - Oct 30
Gr 11 Virtual Leadership camp
Tuesday - Friday

From the CEO/MD’s desk

Lieutenant General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)CEO/MD
Indus Trust

The uniqueness of Indus, and the Indus legacy, is founded on liberal education. Traditional education believes in preparing a child to score high marks in examination, get a good college placement, pursue a career (not withstanding that jobs are becoming obsolete), and be successful. Liberal education, on the other hand prepares a child for life, to be future-ready. To be future-ready is to be startup-ready - a Startup-You.

To be Startup-You and be innovative, is a combination of academic excellence and innovation. They are not mutually exclusive. You cannot one without the other. This is the 21st Century learning model.


With warm regards,






Collaborative Learning Model


Introducing Eagle 4 Robot for assisting teachers in the classroom, with enhanced features and functionalities of content delivery, two-way interaction, conversation capabilities, student recognition through voice, student engagement analysis through facial recognition and automated assessment with prescriptive and personalised feedback.

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