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Collaborative Learning Model

85% of a teacher’s time is spent in routine tasks: preparation and delivery of content (4 out of 7 periods a day), formative and summative assessments, house-keeping and record-keeping chores. As a result, she finds it a challenge to spend quality time and personalize learning; to teach the child, and not just the subject. After all, that is her primary role.

We intend to introduce teacher-robots in the near future; they will make the teacher more relevant than what they are today. This will be marked by complementary between human teachers and robots as shown below:

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Mar 14
Working Saturday for Teachers only
Mar 20
Grade 6-9 & 11 MTT-2 (RCC) ends
Mar 25
Ugadi - Holiday
Mar 26
Grades 10&12 MOCK Exam Reports Published
Mar 28
Working Saturday
Mar 28
PTM for Grades10&12
Mar 30
Grade VIII Leadership camp Group 1 starts

From the CEO/MD’s desk

Lieutenant General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)CEO/MD
Indus Trust

Every individual, family, state and nation is going through the most difficult phase in recent memory. However, in this moment of a humanitarian crisis, we should look upon Corona not only as a scourge, but also as a blessing: a reminder to each one of us that we need to reset our lives - slow down, and re-connect with ourselves. A reminder that there is more to life than money, pleasure and power. A reminder that the greatest gift parents and teachers can give their child, is to help them find a purpose, to give meaning to their life and work. A reminder that, if children do not remain innovative, they will not be able to re-skill themselves continuously.

Corona is a message for the education systems of the world; that education of the heart and mind is more important than education of the head alone. Corona is a cry for return to humanness, a quality we had virtually forgotten.

Corona is the reset button in the life of every person, every nation.

Corona will change the world permanently – the way we live, the way we care for each other, the way we work, we think, we live, we parent, we teach. Education too will change, and its contours are staring at us.

The purpose of education will be to prepare a child for a future we do not know, a future that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

Teachers will teach the child, and not the subject alone. Teachers will now become human.

There has to be a pronounced shift in education of the heart (emotions and competencies) and mind (spirituality), and not the head alone.

Schools, corporations and businesses have realised that Internet gives them the capability to work efficiently from home. Coronavirus has made online education go viral. This will increasingly become the norm. Our children should be ready for blended learning, the emerging new learning environment – a combination of online classes by teachers, and school-based learning.

Children must use technology to take ownership for their learning. They can no longer remain passive learners, and expect to be spoon-fed. Lifelong learning and entrepreneurial competencies will ensure their happiness and success.

By the time children graduate from school they should be future-ready; college may be too late.

Indus is committed to this commitment of transformation, through Artificial Intelligence, innovation, courage and resilience.


With warm regards,