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Why is IB Curriculum not as stressful as you think ?


You may ask what is an IB school or program? The International Baccalaureate (IB) program offers international education where students are encouraged to develop strong academic, social and emotional characteristics. It is a holistic program that incorporates the best educational practices, developing both disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding. IB program prepares students to develop a sense of global affiliation while instilling critical thinking and time management skills.

How is IB different from CBSE and ICSE?

It is in the parent’s hands to equip the children with global skills and competencies. It is not just picking up the best school for your child, but you need to decide the right board of education too. The focus and approach to education vary from IB to CBSE and ICSE. More emphasis is given to understanding, self-development and knowledge and application in IB schools. In CBSE and ICSE, the criteria of assessment are based on the ability to memorize and recall concepts.

There is no denying that parents are crucial partners in the developmental journey of the child. Many parents tend to compare the IB syllabus vs CBSE board. However, there are concerns among parents on how to survive IB and how hard is IB? The answer to these questions is simple and straightforward. IB syllabus isn’t very difficult. Planning, organizing and being persistent is the real mantra for success.

What is IB curriculum in India?

IB curriculum is based on the concept of multiple intelligences and is classified into different categories. IB school students are exposed to a comprehensive approach to education and they perform well academically when compared to students from other programs like CBSE and ICSE.

IB need not be as stressful as many students make it

Is IB worth the stress?

The IB classroom culture inspires students to strive to be internationally minded. There is no doubt that students need to be more disciplined to manage IB. Remember, procrastination makes learning more difficult and stressful. When IB stress levels are high, it is good to take a break to relax and unwind. If IB students can stay organized, they can easily make it.

For instance, Indus International School in Bangalore, the Pune International School and Indus schools in Hyderabad nurture student’s innate abilities to think out of the box.

The interest level of the student matters

An individual who loves learning and critical thinking would enjoy the IB board curriculum. IB teachers work closely with the students to ensure the students excel in academics and various other extra-curricular activities. The teachers play a major role in shaping the student’s learner profile. They enable and support students, enhancing the learning experience of each student.

You don’t have to be super intelligent to learn IB syllabus

IB doesn’t require the individual to be super intelligent, but to be persistent and organized. All it requires proper time management skills to become academically strong in subjects. The management of time and learning to set priorities are much needed. IB syllabus aims to help students explore and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills. It is more practical and application-based, testing a student’s knowledge. No doubt, it is more challenging than CBSE and ICSE, enabling you to think deeply.

IB Curriculum uses a practical approach

It requires doing a lot of assignments and practical, which will benefit the academic growth of the individual. It also encourages students to think critically and challenge assumptions. The development of critical thinking has a long-term positive impact on the way they approach the problems. They are not deprived of the skills that are required to make positive long-term decisions.

IB prepares students for higher education

IB exposes students to not only the basic high school content but also to university-level content. The program fulfills the requirements necessary to take up admissions in the Association of Indian Universities and international institutions. IB students are found to be more confident, adopting a positive mental attitude in learning. They enjoy learning as they engage more fully in the learning process. The various community programs in Indus schools enable the students to create a sense of duty and commitment, which is further proof that students are ready for the responsibilities of college entails.

Why is the IB curriculum worth pursuing?

  1. Global Recognition for IB
    IB qualification is recognized by international universities. If you are planning to go for higher studies overseas, it is important that you choose the IB curriculum. The community service projects in IB schools are served as a requirement for graduation.

  2. Personal Development

    1. Your child grows not only as a student but also as a human.
      As the IB curriculum is student-centric that helps students become open- minded and independent thinkers; it challenges them to become well- rounded world citizens. Indus school students learn to become skilled thinkers as well as effective communicators. They are ready to take on new challenges and have a clear understanding of their own unique strengths to succeed in this uncertain and complex world.

    2. Become more culturally aware
      IB syllabus focuses on more than just academics. It makes them future-ready that goes beyond content knowledge. The students are aware of their own cultural identities and views about difference, working on ways to build cultural competence.

  3. IB students have an academic edge
    Research shows that IB graduates outperform their academic peers to complete their undergraduate degrees as they are strong on student leadership activities and working with university faculty on research projects. While in IB schools, the students tend to develop time management skills, a strong sense of self-motivation and critical thinking abilities. Research suggests that these unique capabilities help them to engage in various aspects of university life.

In recent years, parents show interest in enrolling their children in IB curriculum schools in Bangalore to make them future-ready and well-rounded, successful individuals. Right from a young age, it is critical to enroll your child into the IB curriculum PYP (Primary Years Program) to seek knowledge that is experiential and transformational. Indus is one of the leading international schools in Bangalore that aim to develop knowledgeable and caring young people to create a better world.

Are you searching for the best schools in Pune or Hyderabad with IB curriculum? Then Indus will be the best choice! Indus has various international schools in India including the one at Hyderabad and Pune. We offer secure, enjoyable studying environment and a good boarding life for our students.

We are one of the top IB schools in Pune and Hyderabad offering quality learning creating the leaders of tomorrow.

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