Student view about painting

Painting Art - Indus School Bangalore

We congratulate Ridhaan Desai Grade 1, IISB STUDENT on his selection for ICCR as well International Museum of Children's Art, Oslo, Norway

ICCR, India

Student view about painting

“Corona virus is traveling from different countries to India by airplane. It cannot reach to my locked caged home because all the protectors like PM Modi, doctors, police, scientists and workers are fighting with the virus with their weapons like leadership, vaccine, stick and sweeper. I am very happy to spend more time with my family. I also feel happy for the birds and animals being free in nature. I have my school classes and play dates online. At home, I read books, write stories, play Lego, paint, exercise, enjoy music, dance and movies. I cannot go to my favorite places like my school, my friends’ house, playground, nature walks, family trips, and game zone. I really wish Corona Virus goes away soon and I can play like before.”

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