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Indus Spotlight

Indus Cheers for Sathvik

IISB is proud of SATHVIK ISHAAN SAMPATH of grade 9 has signed to play for BOSCH Basketball Team in Bangalore. He will be playing in the Senior Association Cup organized by Karnataka State Basketball A...

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Indus flag reaches the summit of Mt. Fiji

In what seemed like a test of mental and physical fitness, a group of nine students of Indus International Schools climbed the Mt Fuji (3,776 m), the highest peak of Japan. Mt. Fuji is the 7 largest p...

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Children’s Day Celebration

Children’s day was celebrated with full fervor at Indus International School, Bangalore on 14th of November. This day which is also the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of...

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Grade 5 Graduation

Grade V teachers hosted the Grade V Graduation ceremony, with the support of the Grade IV teachers and students. 74 graduates took to the stage and listened to the messages from various stakeholders. ...

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Prep 2 Graduation Day

On the graduation day of Prep II, we celebrate the milestones crossed by the students while transitioning from the pre-primary years to Grade I. Young students work hard to understand the world aroun...

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