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2021–2022 Calendar

May - 2021  

  • 10th May Monday New teachers report
  • 13th - 14th May Thursday - Friday Eid-ul-Fitar Holiday
  • 17th May Monday All teachers report

June - 2021

  • 4th June Friday CRM for Nur, G1 & PP1
  • 5th June Saturday CRM for Rec and PP2
  • 7th June Monday School reopens for new students of Nur, Rec & PP1
  • 7th June Monday School reopens for all - PP2 & G1
  • 14th June Monday School reopens existing students - Nur, Rec & PP1

July - 2021

  • 1st July ThursdayDEAR DAY (Drop everything and read)
  • 12th July MondaySafety Drive Personal Safety
  • 13th July TuesdaySafety Drive Gender Safety
  • 14th July WednesdaySafety Drive Health Safety
  • 15th July Thursday Safety Drive Fire Safety
  • 16th July Friday Safety Drive Road Safety
  • 21th July Wednesday Bakrid/Eid-ul-Adha Holiday
  • 24th July Saturday Working for teacher
  • 26th July Monday Goal setting week Climate change
  • 30th July Friday ILED Talk (PP2 & G1)

August - 2021

  • 2nd August MondayIdeal Etiquette
  • 9th August Monday Bonalu Holiday
  • 11th August Tuesday Technology & innovation
  • 13th August FridayIndependence Day celebrations with Grandparents
  • 15th August Sunday Independence Day
  • 22nd August Sunday Raksha Bandhan
  • 27th August Friday Parent advisory committee (PAC) meeting
  • 28st August Saturday Working for teacher

September - 2021

  • 1st September MondayDEAR DAY (Drop everything and read)
  • 3rd September Friday Teachers Day Celebration
  • 4th September Saturday SPORTS DAY
  • 10th September Friday Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday
  • 22nd September WednesdayReports go online
  • 25th September SaturdayPTM Term 1 Ends
  • 27th September MondayTerm 2 commences Safety Drive Personal Safety
  • 28th September TuesdaySafety Drive Gender Safety
  • 29th September WednesdaySafety Drive Health Safety
  • 30th September ThursdaySafety Drive Fire Safety

October - 2021

  • 1st October Friday Safety Drive Road Safety
  • 2nd October Friday Gandhi Jayanthi Holiday
  • 7th October Thursday Dussehra break begin
  • 15th October FridayDussehra
  • 17th October SundayDussehra break ends
  • 18th October Monday School reopens
  • 23rd October SaturdayWorking for teachers
  • 25th October MondayGoal setting week Climate change
  • 29th October FridayILED Talk (PP2 & G1)

November - 2021

  • 1st November MondayIdeal Etiquette
  • 4th - 5th November Thursday - FridayDiwali Holiday
  • 8th November Monday Technology & innovation
  • 12th November Friday Children’s Day Celebrations
  • 20th November SaturdayWorking for teachers
  • 26th November MondayFolk Festival (Creative arts day)

December - 2021

  • 6th December Monday Literary week Recitation (Nur & Rec)
  • 7th December Tuesday Poetry (PP1, PP2 & G1)
  • 8th December Wednesday Story Narration (Nur & Rec)
  • 9th December Thursday JAM (PP1, PP2 & G1)
  • 10th December Friday Word building (PP1, PP2 & G1)
  • 13th December Monday Parent advisory committee (PAC) meeting
  • 18th December Saturday Christmas Fair
  • 19th December Sunday Winter break begins
  • 25th December Saturday Christmas

January - 2022

  • 1st January SaturdayNew Year’s Day
  • 3rd January MondaySchool reopens Safety Drive Personal Safety
  • 4th January TuesdaySafety Drive Gender Safety
  • 5th January WednesdaySafety Drive Health Safety
  • 6th January Thursday Safety Drive Fire Safety
  • 7th January Friday Safety Drive Road Safety
  • 8th January Saturday Working for teacher
  • 13th - 14th January Thursday - Friday Sankranthi Holiday
  • 26th January Wednesday Republic Day Holiday
  • 27th January Thursday Reports go online
  • 29th January Saturday PTM Exhibition -Technology & innovation Term 2 ends
  • 31th January Monday Term 3 commences

February - 2022

  • 1st February TuesdayDEAR Day
  • 3rd February ThursdayLeadership Camp
  • 4th February Friday Leadership Camp
  • 7th February Monday Goal setting week Climate change
  • 11th February Friday ILED Talk (PP1, PP2 & G1)
  • 19th February Saturday Working for teacher

March - 2022

  • 5th March SaturdayINDUS DAY
  • 8th March TuesdayIdeal Etiquette
  • 29th March Friday Holi holiday
  • 25th March Friday Parent advisory committee (PAC) meeting

April - 2022

  • 1st April FridayGraduation Day
  • 6th April WednesdayReport go online
  • 9th April Saturday SLC and PTM Summer break begins for students
  • 15th April Friday Good Friday Holiday
  • 16th April Saturday Summer break begins for Teachers