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2020–2021 Calendar

May - 2020  

  • 9th May Saturday PP2 CRM Day
  • 11th May Monday PP1 CRM Day
  • 11th May Monday Grade 1 CRM Day
  • 12th May TuesdayNursery CRM Day
  • 12th May TuesdayReception CRM Day
  • 13th May WednesdaySchool Reopens for all. PP2 and Grade 1 classes to commence.
  • 13th May WednesdayPP2 - Student and Parent Orientation.
  • 14th May ThursdayPP1 - Parent Orientation for Online Classes.
  • 15th May FridayPP1 - Online Classes to commence.
  • 15th May FridayPre-Nursery CRM Day
  • 16th May SaturdayReception and Nursery - Parent Orientation for Online Classes.
  • 18th May MondayReception - Online Classes to commence.
  • 19th May TuesdayNursery - Online
  • 25th May MondayEid-Ul-Fitr Holiday

June - 2020

  • 6th June Monday School opens for Pre-Nursery
  • 13th June Saturday Working Saturday for Staff

July - 2020

  • 1st July WednesdayGoal Setting Week
  • 6th July MondayHeal The World
  • 11tt July SaturdayWorking Saturday for Staff
  • 16th July Thursday Grandparent’s Day
  • 17th July Friday Grandparent’s Day
  • 20th July Monday Gender Sensitisation Week
  • 24th July Friday Fire Safety Awareness
  • 30th July Thursday I-Led Talks
  • 31st July Friday Bakrid Holiday

August - 2020

  • 3rd August MondayDrop Everything And Read
  • 15th August Saturday Independence Day Celebrations
  • 22nd August SaturdayGanesh Chaturthi
  • 28th August Friday PAC Meeting
  • 31st August Monday I-Led Talks

September - 2020

  • 1st September TuesdayDrop Everything And Read
  • 4th September Friday Teacher’s Day Celebrations
  • 21st September Monday Poetry Recitation
  • 23rd September Wednesday Reports Go Online
  • 26th September SaturdayPTM
  • 26th September SaturdayTerm 1 Ends
  • 28th September MondayTerm 2 Begins
  • 30th September WednesdayI-Led Talks

October - 2020

  • 1st October Thursday Drop Everything And Read
  • 2nd October Friday Gandhi Jayanthi Holiday
  • 5th October Monday Heal The World
  • 9th October FridayTest Your Fitness
  • 15th October ThursdayDusshera Break Commences
  • 26th October Monday Dusshera Break Ends
  • 30th October FridayI-Led Talks
  • 31st October SaturdayWorking Saturday for Staff

November - 2020

  • 2nd November MondayDrop Everything And Read
  • 7th November SaturdayWorking Saturday for Staff
  • 10th November TuesdayDiwali Celebrations
  • 12th November ThursdayDiwali Break Commences
  • 15th November Sunday Diwali Break Ends
  • 20th November Friday World Children’s Day
  • 23rd November Monday Gender Sensitisation Week
  • 27th November FridayFire Safety Awareness
  • 30th November MondayI-Led Talks
  • 30th November MondayPAC Meeting

December - 2020

  • 1st December Tuesday Drop Everything And Read
  • 4th December Friday Elocution
  • 5th December Saturday Working Saturday for Staff
  • 14th December Monday I-Led Talks
  • 22nd December Tuesday Talent Show
  • 23rd December Wednesday Christmas Celebrations
  • 24th December Thursday Winter Break Commences

January - 2021

  • 1st January FridayNew Year’s Day
  • 3rd January SundayWinter Break Ends
  • 4th January MondaySchool Reopens after Winter Break
  • 7th January ThursdayLeadership Camp
  • 8th January Friday Leadership Camp
  • 14th January Thursday Sankranthi Holiday
  • 15th January Friday Sankranthi Holiday
  • 26th January Tuesday Republic Day Holiday
  • 27th January Wednesday Reports Go Online
  • 29th January Friday I-Led Talks
  • 30th January Saturday PTM
  • 30th January Saturday Term 2 Ends

February - 2021

  • 1st February MondayTerm 3 Begins
  • 1st February MondayGender Sensitisation Week
  • 1st February MondayDrop Everything And Read
  • 5th February Friday Fire Safety Awareness
  • 8th February Monday Heal The World
  • 12th February Friday PAC Meeting
  • 26th February Friday I-Led Talks
  • 27th February Saturday Working Saturday for Staff

March - 2021

  • 1st March MondayDrop Everything And Read
  • 6th March SaturdayIndus Day (Tentative)
  • 19th March Friday JAM Session
  • 29th March Monday Holi Holiday
  • 31st March Wednesday I-Led Talks

April - 2021

  • 1st April ThursdayLeadership Summit and Technology Exhibition
  • 2nd April FridayGood Friday Holiday
  • 10th April Saturday Student Led Conference
  • 11th April Sunday Summer Break begins for Students
  • 17th April Saturday Summer Break begins for Teachers

May - 2021

  • 12th May WednesdayNew Teachers Return
  • 19th May Wednesday All Teachers Return

June - 2021

  • 5th June SaturdayNursery CRM Day
  • 7th June MondayNursery Transition Begins
  • 8th June TuesdayNursery Transition
  • 9th June WednesdayNursery Transition
  • 10th June Thursday Nursery Transition
  • 11th June Friday Nursery Transition
  • 12th June Saturday CRM Day for Other Grades
  • 12th June Saturday Open Window
  • 14th June Monday School Reopens for All
  • 21st June Monday School Reopens for Pre- Nursery