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International Mud Day 


The most memorable days end with the dirtiest clothes!

  • Baking a mud cake sounded very interesting to our youngest learners. We invited them to dictate their slurry recipes while connecting virtually.
  • We asked questions that helped children describe consistency, texture, and the results they are seeking:
    • What does it feel like?
    • How are you making it? What’s your recipe?
    • What tools are you using to make it, measure it, and mix it?
    • How much will you make?
    • How will you use it when you’re done?
    • Incorporate descriptive words and vocabulary into your conversations, such as slurry, concoction, viscosity, thick, thin, soupy, gloppy, runny, squishy, etc.

In the end, the parents had a tough time from keeping the mud cakes from being consumed. literally!!

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