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Lt. General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)

CEO/MD, Indus Trust

A soldier-scholar of the Indian Army, Lt. General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.), has wide-ranging experience in matters of defence and conflict management. But he also has a deep-rooted passion for social transformation. He is the CEO/MD of the Indus Trust and provides vision and strategic direction to all Indus International Schools and Institutions. He is responsible for long-term perspective planning, leadership training, teacher development programmes, innovation in education, aligning parents, children, and community, and implementing the Trust's social responsibilities. Under his leadership, Indus International became a premier institution, and one of the top international schools in Bangalore.

He is a graduate of the prestigious Staff College at Camberley, UK, and served as the country's Deputy Military Advisor in London. On his last assignment, he commanded the newly raised 14 Corps in Ladakh. His success in forestalling insurgency in the region, by winning over alienated communities into the nation's mainstream, has been nationally and internationally acclaimed. Before building one of the top boarding schools in India, as a part of Operation Sadbhavana (Goodwill), he set up 13 schools, 11 Women's Empowerment Centers, and 60 Adult Education Centers for non-literate women along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir. He provided free education and pastoral care to 125 Ladakhi girls in Bangalore colleges.

In recognition of his services in nation-building, he was awarded the Param Vashist Seva Medal, the highest honour in the armed forces for distinguished service. His success story in ‘change leadership’ has been selected as a case study for business and management schools in India. A dynamic leader, his imminent foresight and intellect, led him to mould Indus into a stellar educational institution and a top ranked international school in Bangalore.

In his second calling – international school education – he is of the firm belief that the purpose of education in the 21st century is to prepare the child for life; and that teachers must facilitating a nurturing environment, to unravel the potential in every child. Especially in residential schools in India, which is essentially a home away from home.

He deemed this possible by instilling in teachers and children core leadership competencies, such as innovation, persuasive communication, critical thinking, grit and more which equips them to design their own future in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous), vision that sets the bar amongst the top International Schools in India. Consequently, equipping them to design their own future in a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous). A vision that sets the bar amongst the top International Schools in India.

To implement this vision, General Ray setup 14 institutions: three International Baccalaureate Schools - all of which are among the top IB schools in India, the School of Leadership, the Indus Training and Research Institute, eight Early Learning Centres and the International Community School (the world’s first Equal Opportunity School for children living below the poverty line).

IB World has recently acknowledged General Ray as one of the six IB World School Leaders for rethinking education and making a high-quality education affordable to the underprivileged. Education World has named him one of the 50 game-changers in the education scenario in India. He was also awarded the White Swan Education Award for the ‘Most Influential Leader 2015-16’, in India. With his radical vision, Indus International has become an example for schools in Bangalore, and throughout the country.

General Ray also won the Brainfeed Lifetime Achievement Award (2017-18) for his outstanding contribution to the field of education by elevating standards in imparting quality education to the next generation learners.

The General has three interests – reading, writing, and speaking on leadership. His first book, 'Kashmir Diary: The Psychology of Militancy', is a purple primer in understanding the mind and motivation of a terrorist. The second book, Peace Is Everybody’s Business: Strategy for Conflict Prevention, is a treatise in conflict-prevention and has just been published by SAGE Publications. This book was inspired by General Ray’s experience in bringing lasting peace in Ladakh.

Lt. General Arjun Ray has been awarded the Education Today Life Time Achievement Award 2018 for his incredible contribution in the field of education. He is an exemplary learner, teacher and leader with a vision and strategies to bring innovation in education.

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Ms. Viveka Mistry

Head of Centre

Ms. Viveka Mistry has been working with Early Years and Primary school since the past 13 years as a teacher and administrator. She has been working with the IB Programme and has been involved in curriculum development as well. She has worked in India and abroad with children from different countries. She believes that education is a lifelong process and the building blocks of learning are developed during the early years of a child's life.

Ms. Farida Bhaidani

Head of School


As an elementary educator, Farida is deeply passionate about bringing new discoveries to the curriculum, by instilling a love for lifelong learning amongst learners in the early years. Her objective is to create an age-appropriate stimulus for facilitating the fundamental development of young learners academically, emotionally and socially. With over 12 years of experience in the field of education, she is a strong believer in recreating curriculums to suit the needs of students, in order to accelerate higher order thinking and enabling students to bring dimension and depth to their learning.

Farida completed her graduation in Pune in Industrial Psychology, History and Politics, and then went on to study a Teacher Training Course with a specialization in Early Childhood Practice through play-based learning. She has attended several International Baccalaureate workshops to gain a global perspective on changing trends in teaching-learning cultures, action through service and collaborative planning.

Ms Preeti G Prabhu


A gold medallist in Econometrics (honours) and a Bangalore University rank holder, Ms Preeti G Prabhu completed her post-graduation in Financial and Business Economics from the United Kingdom.

Ms Prabhu has eleven years teaching experience in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme [IB-DP] and thirteen years in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education [IGCSE] teaching both Economics and Business Management. Prior to her appointment as Principal, Ms Prabhu has been the Vice Principal, Head of Department, IGCSE Programme Coordinator and more recently the Head of Middle School [Grades 6-10] of Indus International School Bangalore.

Ms Prabhu loves working with the Indus students, faculty, staff, parents and community and is committed to ensuring that the school works towards unlocking every student’s potential. She believes in the concept of being a ‘warm demander’- setting high expectations while providing a nurturing, structured and enriched environment that supports students in achieving these expectations. Ms Prabhu also believes that parents/guardians are important partners in every child’s education and in their journey to success in every aspect of school life.

Outside of work, Ms Prabhu enjoys reading, photography, backpacking across different parts of the country, spending time with her family and their three pet dogs.