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Play School in Neelankarai

Are you looking for a play school in Neelankarai for your kids? Indus International Primary School that follows the IB curriculum will be the best place to lay a strong foundation for your child’s education. With a mission to create thoughtful leaders through holistic education and lifelong learning, the school has programmes that are aligned and consistent with their pedagogical approach. Our international curriculum and play-based teaching methods make us one of the best schools near Neelankarai.

Programmes at Indus International Primary School, Neelankarai

The curriculum is based on the concept of multiple intelligence and is broadly classified into the following programmes or grades:

  • Pre-Nursery (1-2 Years): The programme caters to students of ages 1-2 years. We use research-based standards and assessments along six developmental domains to teach kids through a play-based learning system. Our programmes include initiatives that involve deep engagements to enhance sensorial awareness and literacy development. The movement programme and creative arts curriculum also helps develop the student’s creativity and curiosity.

  • Nursery (2-3 Years): We believe that having a child-centred approach is very important for holistic development of a child. Our broad-based curriculum helps create a genuine love for learning through stories and language and expression. Arts, sports, music and dance are incorporated into the curriculum, affording multi-sensorial and comprehensive learning opportunities.

  • Reception (3-4 Years): A trans-disciplinary curriculum, which is engaging, exciting and challenging is designed for students of ages 3-4 years. The curriculum is a balanced blend of five essential aspects: concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes and action, encouraging children to ask questions, plan investigations, explore various outcomes, and reach credible and logical conclusions, with teachers helping them along the way.

  • Prep One (4-5 Years): With a strong focus on conceptual learning and development of leadership skills, our trans-disciplinary curriculum meets international benchmarks. Communication, leadership and thinking skills are focussed in this programme.

  • Prep Two (5-6 Years): The distinct curriculum of Prep Two is designed to challenge and nurture a student’s multiple intelligences and diverse aptitudes and talents to help them unlock their hidden potential. The programme aims to help students gain social, physical and emotional independence whilst offering opportunities to develop their linguistic, mathematical, creative and cognitive skills.

  • Grades 1 to 5: The Primary Years Program offered at Indus school is based on our belief that education prepares students for life. Our dynamic curriculum encourages students to be independent, physically, mentally and emotionally.

We encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities that will nurture their innate creativity and encourage leadership skill development. We also have music and movement program that helps children explore their talents and abilities. All these activities that encourage holistic development of the child set us apart from the other schools in Neelankarai.

If you are interested in knowing more about our pedagogy and learning methods, contact us via email or call. You can call us at +91-8939752224,+91-9003100419 or email us at



Pre-Nursery to Prep 2

Why Indus ?

why indus


Indus is one of the few schools that go beyond academics. Here arts, crafts, music, dance, drama, and sports are given as much importance as academics.


Leadership Curriculum

Indus focuses on self-actualization of the students, helping them value their talent to ultimately unlock their potential.


Strong Faculty

ITARI offers postgraduate level professional teacher certification programmes in International Education, exclusively customised to meet the requirement of international and progressive schools.


The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC was formed to give parents a platform to share any feedback they have on any aspect of school life. The PAC is of the parents, by the parents, and for the students.

Parent's Speak

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