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Play School in Besant Nagar

If you are looking for play schools in Besant Nagar for your kids, we suggest you visit Indus International Primary School in Neelankarai that follows the international system of education. Our curriculum is based on international syllabus and will give your child a global exposure that you may not get in any of the CBSE schools in Besant Nagar or any other location in Chennai. Our school follows a trans-disciplinary approach to education and is dedicated to create thoughtful leaders through holistic education and lifelong learning.


The curriculum of Indus International Primary School is based on the concept of multiple intelligences. The pedagogy is delivered through play-based learning methods that encourage children to explore their environment and learn by doing. The programmes we offer are:

  • Pre-Nursery (1-2 Years): This programme for students of ages 1-2 years is inclusive of a play-based learning system. Our learning methodology motivates students to optimize their potential and enjoy learning. Unlike other play schools in Besant Nagar, we encourage deep engagements to enhance their sensorial awareness and literacy development. To harness the students’ leadership qualities, we have a unique leadership curriculum that improves social and emotional growth in students.

  • Nursery (2-3 Years): This programme incorporates a broad-based curriculum that follows a child-centric approach to build a strong foundation for education. Through this programme, we strive to make students socially, emotionally and culturally aware of their environment. The curriculum is also inclusive of various extra-curricular activities that further enhances the students’ personal development.

  • Reception (3-4 Years): This programme follows a trans-disciplinary curriculum that is not only engaging and challenging but also relevant to the students. The curriculum encourages students to think, explore, and question based on their knowledge and form a credible solution with the help of their teachers. This programme includes a leadership curriculum that ensures a balanced development of student’s intelligence and emotional quotient.

  • Prep One (4-5 Years): This programme not just focuses on academic learning, but also on acquisition of communication and thinking skills to ensure a balanced development in students. The school has a unique leadership curriculum that encourages self-awareness in students.

  • Prep Two (5-6 Years): This programme, designed for kids of ages 5-6 years, follows an inquiry-based approach to learning. Plus, we use premium educational resources that aid holistic development of each child and encourages them to be socially, physically and emotionally independent. The programme also offers students with many opportunities to harness their skills and orient themselves with their environment. This teaching methodology differentiates us from other schools in Besant Nagar

If you want to know more about the programmes offered by Indus International Primary School in Neelankarai, call us at +91-8939752224,+91-9003100419 or email us at



Pre-Nursery to Prep 2

Why Indus ?

why indus


Indus is one of the few schools that go beyond academics. Here arts, crafts, music, dance, drama, and sports are given as much importance as academics.


Leadership Curriculum

Indus focuses on self-actualization of the students, helping them value their talent to ultimately unlock their potential.


Strong Faculty

ITARI offers postgraduate level professional teacher certification programmes in International Education, exclusively customised to meet the requirement of international and progressive schools.


The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC was formed to give parents a platform to share any feedback they have on any aspect of school life. The PAC is of the parents, by the parents, and for the students.

Parent's Speak

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