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Play school in Velachery

Are you looking for the best play school in Velachery to give a solid foundation for your child’s education and personal development? If you are looking for schools that will ensure holistic development of your child and prepare him/her for life, we suggest you look at Indus International Primary School in Neelankarai. Our school focuses on a trans-disciplinary education that incorporates perspectives of multiple disciplines to help kids connect knowledge and gain deeper understanding of their real life experiences.

Our pedagogy follows an inquiry-based approach that encourages children to ask questions, plan investigations, explore various outcomes and come up with reliable and logical conclusions, with the assistance of the teachers.

Curriculum at Indus Early Learning Centre, at Adyar, Chennai.

Our curriculum provides a planned structure for young minds to build a firm foundation for all future education. The curriculum further helps in development of foundational knowledge that gives rise to leadership qualities in your child. Our curriculum emphasises on five areas of learning:

  • Language and Development: The preschool education concentrates on the basic oral communication, speaking and listening. It focuses on the reading, writing and understanding of simple texts by the children motivating children to read and write, further enhancing their creativity.

  • Numeracy: - Numeracy helps children develop their logical skills in counting, sorting, matching, creating patterns, problem-solving and working with shapes. We use practical tasks, stories, songs, games and imaginative plays that help in better understanding of how mathematical concepts are applicable in real life during their preschool education.

  • Science and Social Studies: - Science and Social Studies is concerned with development of crucial knowledge, skills and understanding of their environment and the surroundings students are exposed to.

  • Personal, Social and Physical Education: - Personal, Social and Physical education helps with a holistic development of the children.

  • Creative Arts: - We encourage children to not only appreciate but also be involved in different forms of creative expressions like art, music, dance and role plays, which makes us stand apart from even the best schools in Adyar.

Age Criteria

Indus, one of the best schools in Neelankarai knows the importance of using scientific research and growth patterns to plan the age criteria for each programme.

In the table below, you can find listed the various programmes offered at our schools and the age limits required to enrol your kids:

Indus International
Primary School,
Pre-Nursery1 to 2 years
Nursery2 to 3 years
Reception3 to 4 years
Prep 14 to 5 years
Prep 25 to 6 years
 Grades 1 to 56 to 11 years

Are you interested in knowing more about the educational programmes offered at Indus Primary School, Neelankarai? You can email us at or call us at +91-8939752224,+91-9003100419.



Pre-Nursery to Prep 2

Why Indus ?

why indus


Indus is one of the few schools that go beyond academics. Here arts, crafts, music, dance, drama, and sports are given as much importance as academics.


Leadership Curriculum

Indus focuses on self-actualization of the students, helping them value their talent to ultimately unlock their potential.


Strong Faculty

ITARI offers postgraduate level professional teacher certification programmes in International Education, exclusively customised to meet the requirement of international and progressive schools.


The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC was formed to give parents a platform to share any feedback they have on any aspect of school life. The PAC is of the parents, by the parents, and for the students.

Parent's Speak

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