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Choose International Schools over CBSE in Velachery

Indus International Primary School in Neelankarai Chennai was established in August 2012 by the Indus Trust. With an aim to create global citizens and thoughtful leaders, the school caters to pre and primary education for students of age group 1 to 11 years. Our unique programmes based on IB syllabus empower children to discover values through creativity, communication, conceptual thinking and community service. The individualised and collaborative learning makes Indus International Primary School one of the most reputed schools in Chennai. So, if you are looking for top CBSE schools in Chennai, Velachery for your child, we suggest Indus International Primary School in Chennai, which is in close proximity to Velachery.


Our programmes empower students to discover values through conceptual thinking, communication, creativity and community service. Indus school is acclaimed for holistic education and will indeed be a better choice than any of the best CBSE schools in Velachery, Chennai for your child. Our curriculum is widely classified into the following programmes:

  • Pre-Nursery (1-2 Years): Our Pre-Nursery Programme is designed to nurture the little ones while providing them physical, emotional, and intellectual stimulus to help them optimize their potential for learning. It caters to students from age group 1 to 2 years.

  • Nursery (2-3 Years): Our Nursery Programme builds a strong foundation for the holistic development of the students. The curriculum incorporates learning through stories, language and expressions, along with focusing on numerical concepts and exploration of the world around them. Arts, music and sports are also incorporated in to the curriculum to offer multi-sensorial and wide-ranging learning opportunities.

  • Reception (3-4 Years): This trans-disciplinary curriculum is for children between 3-4 years. It is a perfect blend of five essential aspects that include concepts, knowledge, skills, attitude and action.

  • Prep One (4-5 Years): With a strong focus on conceptual learning and development of leadership skills, Prep one encourages the children to become lifelong learners both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Prep Two (5-6 Years): Prep Two offers a warm and inspiring environment for children between 5 to 6 years of age. The primary focus in this curriculum is to challenge and nurture the multiple intelligences and hidden talents of children.

  • Grades 1-5: In this primary programme, the students are taught to be independent and risk-taking inquirers. Designed for students between 6 to 7 years of age, this unique curriculum is delivered around six trans-disciplinary themes where the children develop different attributes of IB Learner Profile and become future ready citizens of the world.

SEN and ESL:

SEN is our Special Education Needs programme which is created to cater to the diverse needs of students by employing our unique teaching methodology. Our personalised learning programmes is something that you won’t see even in the best CBSE schools in Adyar. ESL (English as a Second Language) helps children in improving their academic English proficiency by refining their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

For more information, email us at or call us at +91-8939752224 /+91-9003100419.



Pre-Nursery to Prep 2

Why Indus ?

why indus


Indus is one of the few schools that go beyond academics. Here arts, crafts, music, dance, drama, and sports are given as much importance as academics.


Leadership Curriculum

Indus focuses on self-actualization of the students, helping them value their talent to ultimately unlock their potential.


Strong Faculty

ITARI offers postgraduate level professional teacher certification programmes in International Education, exclusively customised to meet the requirement of international and progressive schools.


The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

PAC was formed to give parents a platform to share any feedback they have on any aspect of school life. The PAC is of the parents, by the parents, and for the students.

Parent's Speak

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