Parents Speak

Parents Speak

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Mother of Sara Inamdar studying in grade PP2.
I am always excited to speak about IAELC, Belgaum.

Some of the aspects that I like are the school spirit, atmosphere, a sense of community involvement, motivated teachers and engaging activities. Respect is the key value that I see here and this sets good modeling for the kids. Character molding is given extreme importance along with a focus on academic excellence.

Thank You and please continue what you do!

- Laxmi Inamdar

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Mother of Manasvi Ravoori studying in grade PP2.
Initially, when we enrolled our daughter at Indus Altum Early Learning Centre, we were thinking of keeping her just for a year. But within 6 months of my daughter joining IAELC, we saw immense growth in her confidence, social and cognitive skills. The fact that my daughter gets up every day morning and says that I want to go to school speaks a lot about the loving, happy and nurturing environment the school provides. Most importantly, every child is allowed to develop at his/ her own pace. Indus Altum Early Learning Centre is the best decision that we have taken for our child.

Thank you IAELC for facilitating the holistic development of our child.

- Sumati Ravoori

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Father of Vedika Angadi studying in grade PP2
In IAELC we have found an organisation that works as a reliable partner in providing a robust and comprehensive educational foundation to our daughter. It is indeed a testament to the continued dedication and dynamic approach of IAELC teachers that has enabled the delivery of quality educational content via online platforms. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude for their efforts and wish them success in their future endeavors’.

- Dr Darshan Angadi

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Father of Vedh Patil studying in grade PP2
Indus Altum Early Learning Centre, firstly I'd like to thank all teachers and the staff and the Director for doing an amazing job.

My son enjoyed the two years with IAELC. The kids learn so much through play and it is not stressful at all as compared to the other schools around.

The school cleanliness, the ambience and the teachers are so welcoming.

They have done a great job with online teaching as well.

I would recommend Indus Altum Early Learning Centre to the parents who are on the lookout for a good preschool for their children.

Wishing them success and may you grow to new heights

- Nischal Patil

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Mother of Driti Zanvar studying in grade PP1
Indus Altum Early Learning Centre has a team of best teachers creating future citizens. I am happy to be associated with team IAELC. My best wishes to them to continue with the same quality work.

- Yogita Zanvar

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Father of Anika Jain studying in PP1
I feel so proud that we chose IAELC for Anika.

We, as parents, are pleased and happy to see how Anika has been molded. We would like to appreciate and thank all the teachers for all their efforts and hard work, especially during the pandemic days. I have seen immense growth in my child in the last few months and I feel happy to have chosen the right preschool. She is happy to go to school as well as attending her virtual school. Her social skills are improving and I see her performing well in academics.

She does not hesitate to ask if she doesn’t know something. Thanks again to the teachers; I know it is not easy to manage so many young children at once and also to teach them. The staff is doing a commendable job. Kudos to Team IAELC!"

- Alpesh Jain

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Parents of Param Bharadwaj studying in PP1
We are so thrilled that our child loves going to school so much. When the school first started, we were so nerve-wracked. Would he like school? Would he socialize and make new friends? When he instantly started loving school and going to class, we were so relieved. We wish to thank the team Indus Altum for accepting Param with open arms and for making him enjoy going to school each day. From the rooms you decorate to the activities you plan, each of these has enriched Param in all spheres of life. Through your hard work, our child is settling down. Your work, wisdom, and passion have helped him to become a better human being. Thank you so much for filling each day of school with enthusiasm, fun and unconditional love. Thank you for all your hard work, sacrifice and energy!

With profound regards,

- Mrs. Sunanda Bharadwaj & Maj Sainesh Bharadwaj

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Father of Jatin Mangale studying in Reception
Fantastic school!! Great infrastructure along with the best teachers who nurture the kids for all-round development, second to none. The small class size ensures excellent & dedicated attention which reflects the child’s learning experience. Kids enjoy, learn, improve and develop at IAELC. Moreover, they are eager to go to school every day. Online classes during the pandemic are also quite effective. We are fortunate to have our son enrolled.

- Shailesh Mangale