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The IAELC Global Agents of Change

The IAELC Global Agents of Change

Robert Greenleaf coined the term 'Servant Leadership' where he defined a leader as a servant first. "It begins with the natural feeling that one…

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From the CEO/MD’s desk

Lt. General (Retired) Arjun Ray (PVSM, VSM) Founder CEO & MD
Indus Trust

Of late, I have been speaking to all parents, teachers and students on the great virtue of empathy. It is the master competency to be creative, collaborative and make oneself and others happy.

Regrettably, the purpose of all education systems in the world, with few exceptions, have one common denominator - score high marks in examination, and receive college placements. On the face of it one may describe this as a “practical approach.” However, in the long run, this strategy does not make the child humane and compassionate, for the simple reason that it lacks empathy.

The word for 2022 is empathy! The word for Indus is empathy.

With warm regards,


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