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Why is Preschool Education Important for Your Child?

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Are you planning to enrol your child in preschool? Well, it’s a good idea, and your child will benefit from it. Although it is difficult to fathom how a child will adjust in the structured environment of the school, it actually paves the path for better learning. Several studies suggest exposure to numbers, shapes and alphabets result in better cognitive development of a child. It also trains them with better pre-reading and math skills.


Preschool education also contributes towards the social and emotional development of a child. The benefits of preschool education are:


Social and Emotional Development

Preschool teaches children to control their emotions and behaviour. They are taught to be patient, to wait for their turn and learn to follow directions. It also offers the toddlers with an opportunity to explore the environment outside the home and interact with others. It creates a sense of self-confidence and gradually, they also learn to complete tasks.


Enhances Cognitive Skills

Children’s cognitive skills are boosted in the classroom. They are introduced to numerical concepts, languages and alphabets through various activities. It creates a student-teacher engagement and provides multiple opportunities to learn language through play, books and songs. Playing with peers creates a sense of responsibility and cooperation, which helps to build confidence. They also become capable of taking decisions independently and handling situations on their own.


Boosts Pre-Literacy Skills

Preschools introduce pre-literacy skills to children. Numbers and letters are taught in interesting ways. Different types of games and activities are used to boost children’s comprehension skills. Here, they are encouraged to explore their surroundings to become independent individuals.


Preparation for Primary School

High-quality preschool education will successfully prepare children for primary school. They will be equipped with better skills to cope up with a structured educational program. Children also develop problem-solving abilities during these formative years of education. 


Preschool education moulds a child for life. At a tender age, children are like sponges, absorbing qualities that will eventually help them to lead happy and successful lives. So, you should admit your child in the best preschool in Whitefield that provides a safe and comfortable environment for your toddler to explore the world around him/her.


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