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Indus flag reaches the summit of Mt. Fiji


In what seemed like a test of mental and physical fitness, a group of nine students of Indus International Schools climbed the Mt Fuji (3,776 m), the highest peak of Japan. Mt. Fuji is the 7 largest peak in the world and is currently an active volcano (three separate volcanos in one). There is a very small window to trek Mt. Fuji; it starts at the beginning of July until the last week of August. Under the able guidance of Captain Mohit Tomar (Leadership Trainer, Indus School of Leadership), grades 8, 9 and 10 students from Indus International Schools in Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore undertook this mountaineering expedition as part of their leadership training program, ‘Peak to Lead’, that is meant to train young minds to face all life’s challenges with grit and determination and overcome them despite hurdles. Out of the 9 students, the following 5 students summited the peak of Mt. Fuji:

S.No.Name of StudentGradeSchool (Please mention
the full school name)
Altitude reached
1Ishan Santosh SubhedarIXIISPSummit (3,776m)
2Vighnesh Sundar KannanXIISHSummit (3,776m)
3Arvind Sundar KannanVIIIIISHSummit (3,776m)
4Umang SinghaniaIXIISHSummit (3,776m)
5Aditya IthaVIIIIISH3,600m
6Arya Sanket DharodVIIIIISHStation 9 (3,460m)
7Rushil Rajesh PandyaXIISHStation 9 (3,460m)
8Cesar Afonso HuretVIIIIISBSummit (3,776m)
9Shahe Azeem MustafaIXIISBStation 7 (3,010m)


After the success of this mountaineering plan, Indus School of Leadership foresees its students climbing Mt Everest in 2020.

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