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Indus Early Learning Centres appreciate and encourage a childhood that’s driven by curiosity and creativity. The programmes are philosophically aligned and consistent with their pedagogical approach. The curriculum is based on the concept of multiple intelligences and is broadly classified into the following programmes:


Grade: Pre-Nursery

The Pre-Nursery Programme is designed to nurture young children while providing the physical, emotional, and intellectual stimulus to help them optimise their potential for learning and growth. Our programme caters to students from ages 1.2 to 2 years.
Early experiences in the first few years of life are critical for the acquisition of skills as maximum brain development happens during this period. We guide student on the road to discovery and inquiry, through our research- based standards and assessments along six developmental domains imparted through the play-based learning pedagogy.
Our programme involves deep engagements that cater to sensorial awareness and literacy development through story time, water play, sand play, library time, the celebration of festivals and special days, field trips, puppet shows, and skits. The social and emotional growth is nurtured through our unique leadership curriculum that balances the development of intelligence and the emotional quotient. The innate creativity and curiosity of students are further nurtured through our music and movement programme and creative arts curriculum.


Grade: Nursery

In the Nursery Programme, children embark on their learning journey in an environment that is designed for stimulating and exciting experiences where a strong pastoral philosophy ensures that each child feels safe and secure. A strong foundation for the holistic development of an individual is laid through a nurturing and child-centred approach.
A broad-based curriculum integrates a genuine love for learning through stories and language and expression, along with a focus on numerical concepts and exploration of the world around them. This thorough foundation is underpinned by a strong commitment to the social, emotional, and cultural awareness of each child and realized through a creative and interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning.
Arts, sports, music and dance are seamlessly incorporated into the curriculum, affording multi-sensorial and comprehensive learning opportunities.


Grade: Reception

The Reception Programme is designed to provide a transdisciplinary curriculum which is engaging, exciting, challenging, and relevant to the children. It focuses on the holistic growth of the developing child, touching hearts as well as minds and encompasses social, physical, emotional, and cultural needs in addition to academic development. Our Reception programme caters to students from ages 3 to 4 years.
The Reception Programme imparts education through play-based learning in a culture of inquiry. The curriculum encourages children to ask questions, plan investigations, explore various outcomes, and reach credible and logical conclusions, with teachers as facilitators. The curriculum is a balanced blend of five essential aspects: concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and action.
Language development in our Reception Programme is encouraged through active engagement with the three strands of language - oral language, visual language, and written language. Logical thinking and numeracy skills are developed through an application-based approach through five strands, namely, Number System, Data Handling, Measurements, Pattern and Function, and Shape and Space Social, and emotional growth is nurtured through our unique leadership curriculum that balances development of the Intelligence and emotional quotient. The innate creativity and curiosity of students are further nurtured through our music and movement programme and creative arts curriculum.


Grade: Prep One

In Prep One, we construct an environment and pedagogy that is secure and enriched, where students are encouraged to become lifelong learners, both inside and outside the classroom. With a strong focus on conceptual learning and development of leadership skills, children engage in a transdisciplinary curriculum that meets international benchmarks for Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Social Studies, and PSPE (Personal, Social and Physical Education).
Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of communication and thinking skills through a culture that encourages learner agency. The leadership curriculum at Indus plays a pivotal role in progressing toward our aim of unlocking each child’s potential.. Leadership is developed by encouraging self-awareness and thereby enabling students to discover their complete range of multiple and emotional intelligences. Sports, community involvement, fine & performing arts and robust outdoor activities lend themselves to the fostering of leadership qualities. The focus is on connecting to self, connecting to nature and connecting to the community.


Grade: Prep Two

The Prep Two environment is warm and inspiring, filled with wonderful learning materials. Every child is unique to us. We believe in following the child and helping him in attaining his potential. We view education as an aid to life. Education should prepare the child for life. We endeavour to create a strong community where every child’s developmental needs are met, and they truly experience the joy of learning.
Prep Two has a distinct curriculum that is designed to challenge and nurture a child’s multiple intelligences and diverse aptitudes and talents to help them unlock their hidden potential. The primary focus in Prep Two is to help them gain independence socially, physically, and emotionally while giving them the opportunities to develop their linguistic, mathematical, creative, and cognitive skills and helping them explore the world around them and orient themselves within the environment. We follow an inquiry-based approach that facilitates children’s curiosity and experiential form of learning. We use high-quality educational resources that cater to the developmental needs of children.
We offer the Prep Two Programme for children aged 5 to 6 years of age.


Grade: 1

Our aim for Grade 1 at Indus Early Learning Centre, Whitefield is to provide a thoughtfully considered and aesthetically beautiful, engaging, relevant and challenging learning environment to stimulate the learning and development of leaners aged six to seven years. Our curriculum is inspired within the frameworks of play-based and inquiry-based where children’s ideas, interests and theories form the design of curriculum and learning experiences.
Our child-centered approach is designed using best practices from around the world and includes a holistic approach. We employ best practices like cross-curricular and differentiated instruction, multiple assessments, and project-based learning.  Balanced instruction ensures students master foundational skills and develop higher-order critical thinking and problem-solving strategies such as application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
Our First Graders are respected as competent thinkers and communicators who are offered many opportunities to engage with a wide range of materials and resources to extend and challenge their thinking. Our environment invites children to explore, discover, hypothesize, predict, problem- solve, construct and document their understanding of the world in which we live. Our approach acknowledges the significance of socio-cultural theory in that children learn via quality interactions and relationships with people, places and things.
We offer the Grade 1 Program for children aged 6 to 7 years of age.