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Indus Spotlight

Mother’s Day Celebrations at IELC- Whitefield, Bangalore

The greatest reward that life has to offer is a doting mother towards her child. This is one relationship that is the purest of all. The love of a mother cannot be attained nor deserved. It is as natu...

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40 Principals and Higher Ed Leaders Speak-up in the Education World-March 2018 issue.

Against the grim backdrop of falling learning outcomes in the country's school and higher education systems, Education World interviewed our Principal Mrs. Sarojini Rao for suggestions to manage the e...

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The House Visions at Indus play an integral part of community service. The visions are centred around servant leadership through women empowerment projects. There are several products made by the stud...

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Leadership Day

The Community Action and Service projects hold an important place in our curriculum at Indus. Apart from being an essential part of the IB, we consciously endeavour to go beyond the curriculum and con...

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Indus Performing Arts Evening

Our team of students from Grades 6 upwards along with specialists put up a spectacular show on February 24th for the Celebration of the Performing Arts. The audience was left spellbound with every per...

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