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Indus Performing Arts Evening

Our team of students from Grades 6 upwards along with specialists put up a spectacular show on February 24th for the Celebration of the Performing Arts. The audience was left spellbound with every per...

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Khanak Joshi - Grade 7 - Day Scholar

Khanak Joshi - Grade 7 - Day Scholar - winner of the Worldwide Talent Hunt contest in the year 2013 which was organized by Indus International School, Bangalore, and Shankar Mahadevan Academy. ...

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Leadership Through Reading - PYP Indus Day Celebration

The PYP Indus Day was celebrated on 23 -24 November 2017. The theme for this year was ‘Leadership Through Reading’. Students from Reception to Grade 2 performed on an adaptation of Lewis Caroll’s 'Ali...

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Daniela Wyatt's Stand-Out Performance At The Central American Junior Bowling Championship

Daniela Wyatt won 4 Golds & 1 Silver as the stand-out performance at the Central American Junior Bowling championship. She won medals in the U-16 Individual, All-Tournament Golds as well as Team, ...

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Smart Creative – Training The Teachers

Indus lays great stress on the professional development of teachers. It envisions nurturing teachers who are educators, have excellent technical knowledge, and are business savvy with trans-disciplina...

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The Environment Brigade

Battling environmental degradation is something we take very seriously at Indus International School. Enabling youngsters to make them feel closer to nature and value the essence of Mother Earth is a ...

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