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Leadership Through Reading - PYP Indus Day Celebration

PYP Indus Day Celebrations

The PYP Indus Day was celebrated on 23 -24 November 2017. The theme for this year was ‘Leadership Through Reading’. Students from Reception to Grade 2 performed on an adaptation of Lewis Caroll’s 'Alice in Wonderland' while students of Grades 3 to 5 performed Roald Dahl's ‘Matilda’. After weeks of planning, practice, and preparation, our young eagles put up an impressive performance on both days. This opportunity not only gave them the courage to move out of their comfort zone and a moment to delve into a world of imagination and magic but also to gain various perspectives on ‘friendship’ and ‘goodness’. We congratulate the PYP team of teachers and specialists for their tireless efforts. They motivated the students to perform with élan and poise. The events on both days were a testament to the fact that excellent results can be achieved when collaboration, planning, passion, and creativity come together.

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