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Mother’s Day Celebrations at IELC- Whitefield, Bangalore

Mother's Day

The greatest reward that life has to offer is a doting mother towards her child. This is one relationship that is the purest of all. The love of a mother cannot be attained nor deserved. It is as natural as a stream that continuously flows, without intending to do so. Life, being a constant race where we are caught up in chasing dreams, our focus deviates from this beautiful bond that means so much more than mindless running after goals. Real success comes from recognizing that soul called Mother, who celebrates our existence on earth every moment and shows it by holding us so close to her heart, where no harm can come our way, ever. Let us therefore dedicate this special day to all those courageous, elegant and beautiful Mothers out there, who are the epitomes of strength for us to follow. We feel blessed that this bond of unconditional love has been constant in our life’s journey.

On this special day, we the children and teachers of IELC take this opportunity to share our heartfelt gratitude to all the members of the Parents’ Advisory Committee and mother volunteers who have, over the months, generously contributed towards various activities, ranging from craftwork, French mother tongue support, yoga, just to name a few, which has significantly helped the school in a very big way. The morning buzzed with smiles on moms faces as they received a special handmade surprise by their little ones. They spent time with their child doing different art and craft activities. Beautiful memories were made and moments to be cherished through-out the year.

May your lives, through your children, be continuous occasions for celebrations; full of bright colours, games, delicious food and most important, peals of laughter, similar to these priceless moments that we, as a family of the IELC – Whitefield, celebrate today.


“We are born of Love;
Love is our Mother”.

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