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A celebration for a new beginning!

Graduation Day

The Indus International School, Bangalore Graduation Ceremony was held on 12th April, 2019 for the thirteenth batch of our Grade 12 students. The solemn ceremony commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp and the invocation song. Our young eagles assumed a matured and grown up look as they walked down the aisle, dressed in black saris and suits and wearing the graduation gowns in the Indus colours of green and gold.

The evening was graced by the presence of Mr. Sushil Mantri, Chairman and MD, Mantri Developers. An enlightening feel set into the evening with inspiring speeches from the CEO, Gen Arjun Ray and the Principal, Mrs. Sarojini Rao. They highlighted the importance of failure as a stepping stone to success and the role of adaptability in an unpredictable, volatile world.

It was an environment where emotions ran high as the Valedictorians and Young Achievers reflected about their school life and how their alma mater, Indus has played an important role in moulding and building their personalities.

The DP Coordinator also spoke on behalf of the teaching fraternity and reminisced fond memories that each teacher carries about the graduating batch. It was a picturesque moment laden with meaning, when the lights were dimmed and the young eagles lit candles and took the pledge to uphold the values imbibed at Indus. The teachers urged the students to do their best in the upcoming IBDP final exams and wished them well in their university admissions.

The fireworks after the ceremony and dinner in the beautiful ambience accounted for a memorable evening.

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