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Junkyard Science - Prep 2

Junkyard Science - Prep 2

Our Prep 2 created their junk yard corner at home using 3R’s concept. This encouraged them to use their creative thinking skills and moral…

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From the CEO/MD’s desk

Lt. General (Retired) Arjun Ray (PVSM, VSM) Founder CEO & MD
Indus Trust

During the admission season, there is a lot talk and WhatsApp on which school to select for one’s child? That is an answer all parents want. For those seeking admission in international schools offering the International Baccalaureate, my advice is given below.

Every international school is good; but every international school has a different philosophy based on what they feel is the purpose of education. As parents, you must decide on the educational philosophy you believe in, and what is best suited for your child. In this regard, schools will fall into two broad categories.

The first category is traditional. They believe that the aim of education is teacher-centric, rote memorisation, scoring high marks in examination, and placements in reputed colleges abroad. Therefore, such schools tend to be exclusive, i.e., they admit students based solely on their academic performance at the time of entry. The problem here is that in the 21st century this is an outdated model, and is likely to put your child at risk.

The second category is where Indus schools lead. We believe that in a volatile and uncertain world, where job obsolescence is the order of the day, the purpose of education is to prepare a child for a future we do not know. Consequently, we are an inclusive school. We believe that, content knowledge is less important than entrepreneurial competencies, to enable a child to re-role, re-learn, re-skill and reinvent oneself. We believe that the purpose of education must also enable a child to find her purpose, and in the process, discover her potential.

Now, I sincerely hope you will find it easy to decide in which school to admit your child. If you still have doubts, you may write to me directly at

With warm regards,

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