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Making a Little Difference Towards Climate Change

Making a little difference towards climate change!! IELC Whitefield students planting trees in our school. Way to go little eaglets

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From the CEO/MD’s desk

Lt. General (Retired) Arjun Ray (PVSM, VSM) Founder CEO & MD
Indus Trust

“Covid 19 has been an innovative experience for Indus schools - the excellent annual rankings which put all Indus schools in the first 7 in India; Indus Bangalore being awarded the award for National Excellence, and coming # 1 in the country for the 10th consecutive year; colloquiums to ideate the future of schools; the spectacular entry of teacher-robots to assist teachers in re-rolling themselves; the Startup School; and the launch of Indus Altum International School in Belgaum. All of this during the Covid lockdown!

The biggest lesson for all stakeholders in education, politics, business and industry, is that chaos and uncertainty are great opportunities to upskill, reskill, rediscover one’s potential and reinvent oneself too. This reinforces a great lesson from history: adversity makes cultures, nations and individuals stronger and better - antifragile.”

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