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Joy of Giving- A Fund-Raiser Community Carnival organized by the parent Committee of Indus early Learning Centre, RMV


The Parent Action Committee of Indus Early Learning Centre, RMV’s hosted the a Fund-Raiser Community Carnival, ‘Joy of Giving’ on Saturday, 26th May, which was a resounding success due to the exemplary efforts of parents as they generously offered their time, energy, efforts and active participation that helped make the event fun, exciting and most importantly meaningful! Keeping with Indus's philosophy of leadership and empathy, the carnival was an endeavor to support underprivileged children through a donation drive of children's toys, books, shoes and clothes.

This event took sustained and dedicated efforts on part of the parent body and staff as we had numerous coordination meetings to get the event planned and organized and came to fruition through the well-organized and well-attended event.

From stalls that were bursting with creative ideas to food that keep the stomach and soul nourished. Our parents set up exciting stalls with a range of scrumptious food, eco-friendly child and home products, fashion accessories and game stalls. An animal petting corner was set-up and was a super hit! Children being naturally empathetic took to the animals (a cow, calf, two goats and two puppies) like fish to water! A book exhibition ensured an enriching morning for the family.

The pulsating event ensured both children and parents had an equal dose of fun, excitement with enough retail therapy to ensure we all went home content. The collections made will be channelized to selected charities and donations distributed. This event has surely set the ball rolling for more sustained and ongoing endeavors to benefit the community that the PAC members will take up in the new academic session with gusto!

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