It's been almost 3 years since my son has been going to IELC. It's a great school with lovely staff. I am really glad to have made this choice. A few points which I love about the school:

Safety - No stranger, for that matter no one but the parents of the children are allowed to enter the school when children are around. No nannies, drivers are allowed in the campus.

Environment - The overall environment of the school is very happy. Because of which children always look forward to go to the school. The school is always very clean and then you are not constantly worried about your child catching an infection by going to school.

Health - The food provided at the school is nutritious. And the school encourages good habits like washing hands before and after eating, sitting at one place until the child finishes their meals, eating on their own etc.

Academics - They don't follow a particular syllabus. Although they are more inclined towards IB, but they use the best of all to teach the kids. What I like the most is the interconnection between two subjects for e.g. - Maths and music. The teachers always correlate with other subjects to clear the basic knowledge of the child.

Harshada Joshi

IELC Koramangala excels in all aspects of an ideal preschool. The teachers practice the latest and international methods of teaching wherein the learning abilities and individual needs of each child are respected and given due importance. The school management and its policies are both children and parent friendly. The Head of Centre, Ms. Sonali Malhotra, has always valued the opinions of parents and addressed their concerns. Also, the school provides frequent opportunities for parent-teacher interactions through which parents gain insight into the learning process and progress of their children. IELC Koramangala is an excellent preschool.

Manjunath B. N.

After a lot of research and discussions, I zeroed in on Indus International School Bangalore. Thus my 4 yr old ,Mia joined their Koramangala branch .From that tensed first day of school to date , my only problem with Indus is that my daughter now prefers school to home .With Mia it’s mainly because the school keeps her on her toes with a good balance of fun activities like dance , sports , music etc., along with education. The curriculum is well planned and executed even better.3 Months into Indus, she can speak Spanish, play a keyboard and chess. Her teacher Miss Meera is almost like her second mother, she’s well qualified and someone you can absolutely trust. The Head of Centre is very grounded and approachable, always striving to make an already excellent school BETTER.

Nithya Marattukalam