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Encouraging social leadership for a change


At Indus, Leadership is looked upon as one of the core competencies, necessitated by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Leadership Curriculum at Indus seeks to transform students and help them connect to their environment, society and themselves. Students of Grades 6,7,8, 9 and 11 celebrated Leadership Day on 2 March 2019. The day celebrated each students’ journey in this academic session. Apart from I-Lead speeches and display of Leadership Journals, the students also put up a display of some of their innovative projects. The theme for this academic session was “Tikkun Olam” or “Repair the World”

The four houses i.e. Orion, Hercules, Pegasus and Phoenix not only showcased their successes in House Vision tasks but also competed against each other in two competitions: JAM (Just a Minute) and Panel Discussion. The Panel discussion had the following theme: “ Does individual social responsibility end with paying one’s taxes and corporate social responsibility?

The day also honoured students who have showcased immense resilience and grit during difficult and trying times in their lives. The Resilience award for 2018-2019 was awarded to Ananya Choudhari of Grade 12 and Jashwant Jayaram of Grade 9. The Young Achievers award was given to students who have been involved and achieved remarkable success in academics, whole education and/or leadership projects.

Phoenix house picked up the Women Empowerment Project Award for their success on the that focussed on women’s health and sanitation. Hercules House bagged the House Vision award for their success in the science exhibition.

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