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A celebration of excellence

Indus senior school

The Senior School Indus Day commenced with the melodious rendition of the invocation song titled ‘Where the mind is without fear’. This was followed by the innovation dance and the address of the CEO of the Indus Trust, Lieutenant General Arjun Ray (Retd.) who discussed the significance of not only educating the head and the heart, but also the mind.

The programme proceeded with a fine display of talent, creativity and skill. Through the Banjara Dance, the students celebrated the potential and the eternal wandering spirit in every human being. In the English Play, The Defenseless Creatures, students portrayed a series of contradictions in life which left the audience laughing and at the same time understanding the absurdity of communication through two different situations. The Hindi Play, Desh Ko Aage Badhao was a satire on Indian politics highlighting the corruption prevalent in the Indian political system.

The chief highlight of the evening was the Jugalbandi where the students from Indus International School collaborated with the children of the Manganiyar community (of The Little Princes of Rajasthan fame) and presented a fusion of traditional and contemporary music and songs. As a tribute to the folk tradition and art of India, there was a special performance by the children of the Manganiyar community in appreciation of their culture and heritage.

The show culminated with a musical extravaganza by the Indus Orchestra and Choir displaying style and resplendence through an electrifying performance. The orchestra played various pieces from the western classical world of music. The vibrancy with which the orchestra was conceptualized using different instruments, enthralled the audience who could only watch spellbound as the students exhibited their innate and developing talents through their riveting performances. The songs presented by the Indus choir left the audience mesmerized with their rendition. The amalgamation of musical performances, orchestra, drama and dance presentations was a visual and acoustic treat for all.

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