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2019–2020 Calendar

August - 2019  

  • 3rd August Saturday CRMD (curriculum road map day)
  • 5th August Monday School reopens for all students
  • 9th August Friday Eid Celebration
  • 12th August Monday Eid-Ul-Adha Holiday
  • 14th August Wednesday Independence Day
  • 15th August Thursday Independence Day Holiday
  • 19th – 21st August Monday-Wednesday Keeping Safe
  • 22nd August Thursday Personal safety – fire drill
  • 23rd August Friday Keeping Safe
  • 26th August Monday Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) voting
  • 26th-30th August Monday to Friday Goal setting week
  • 30th August Friday Ganesha Celebration

September - 2019

  • 2nd September Monday Ganesh Chaturthi Holiday
  • 5th September Thursday Teacher’s Day Celebrations at school
  • 6th September Friday Parent Advisory Committee voting closes
  • 7th September Saturday 21st Century skills and Literacy event
  • 10th September Tuesday 1st PAC meeting with HOC

October - 2019

  • 2nd October Wednesday Gandhi Jayanti- Holiday
  • 7th October Monday Ayudha Puja holiday
  • 8th October Tuesday Dusshera holiday
  • 18th October Friday Inquiry cycle presentation for parents
  • 25th October Friday Halloween/Diwali celebration( grade wise)
  • 26th October Saturday Autumn break commences

November - 2019

  • 1st November Kannada Rajyotsava holiday
  • 4th November School re-opens after autumn break
  • 13th November Reports online to parents
  • 14th November Children’s Day Celebrations
  • 16th November First Term Parent Teacher Meeting
  • 28th November PYP Indus Day
  • 29th November PYP Indus Day

December - 2019

  • 3rd December Tuesday Sports day practice
  • 6th December Friday IELC-K Sports Day
  • 17th December Tuesday Christmas celebration and class party
  • 18th December Wednesday Winter Break Commences

January - 2020  

  • 6th January Monday School re-opens
  • 10th January Friday 2nd Parent Advisory Committee meeting with HOC
  • 14th January Tuesday Sankranti celebrations
  • 15th January Wednesday Sankranti Holiday (subject to change)
  • 26th January Sunday Republic Day-Holiday

February - 2020  

  • 1st February Saturday Spring Carnival ( Community Action Service )
  • 26th February Wednesday Reports online to parents
  • 29th February Saturday 3 Way Conference

March - 2020  

  • 10th March Tuesday Holi celebration
  • 24th March Tuesday Ugadi celebration
  • 25th March Wednesday Ugadi Holiday

April - 2020  

  • 1st April Wednesday Indus day Practice
  • 3rd April Friday IELC-K Indus day and Leadership summit
  • 4th April Saturday Spring break commences
  • 10th April Friday Good Friday Holiday
  • 12th April Sunday Easter holiday
  • 13th April Monday School reopens
  • 27th April Monday Assembly Week

May - 2020  

  • 8th May Friday Prep 2 Graduation day
  • 23rd May Saturday 3rd Parent Advisory Committee meeting
  • 26th May Tuesday Reports online to parents
  • 29th May Friday Student Led Conference

June - 2020  

  • 5th June Friday Class party
  • 6th June Saturday Summer break commences for students