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Classrom - IELC Koramangala

Leadership Day

House Leadership Day

The Community Action and Service projects hold an important place in our curriculum at Indus. Apart from being an essential part of the IB, we consciously endeavour to go beyond the curriculum and contribute to the community. The Leadership Day is aculmination which showcases the various projects that our students have been involved in and this year it was conducted on March 7th.

In our endeavor to build resilience in our students and understand that failure is the stepping stone to success, the theme for this year’s Leadership Day was ‘Celebrating Failure’. Students displayed their Leadership journey through documentaries, innovative projects, I-lead talks, reflection journals (goal setting & reading) and an exhibition of the House Vision tasks that they have been involved in. The Panel discussion conducted between the four houses on the topic of ‘Celebrating Failure’ was insightful and interesting. The winning house documentary which was by Phoenix House brought to focus the importance of self-worth whilst also maintaining a mindset that the road to self-worth discovery is not easy. A fresh perspective on ‘Celebrating Failure’ to attain success was portrayed through this film.

The annual Art Carnival was also held on the same day. The theme for this Year's Art Carnival was Nature and Landscapes. Student artists' from Grades 6,7,8,9 and 11 participated in expressing themselves creatively. There were more than 400 Art works on display ranging from realistic ,semi realistic to abstract landscapes created using several mediums like oil painting,acrylic ,water color,Mixed Media, charcoal and pencil,pen and ink. The ambience created by the artworks were inspired by the eternal and breathtaking beauty of nature.There was an exclusive display and sale of uniqueArt Goods created by digital printing of student art works on handpickedobjects.


The Community school magazine which was collated and compiled by Orion house students in collaboration with the IICS students was also released on the day.

The Leadership Award was instituted to recognize the House that excelled in taking the task assigned to a meaningful and excellent level that underscores servant leadership (Women’s Empowerment Project). This was won by the Pegasus House for the considerable progress made in the vocational training courses they provided in tailoring and beautician. A special award called the Resilience Award was introduced this year and this was awarded to the student who has shown remarkable resilience and emerged stronger and successful despite facing a difficult time in their life. The Young Achievers Awards were also given on the Leadership Day. Through this award, we recognised our students who have demonstrated a conscientious work ethic, resilience, positivity and determination in academics, whole education and/or leadership projects.

Phoenix House was adjudged the overall best house for this academic session and this was judged based on the various inter-house competitions conducted as well as the success in both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 house vision tasks.

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