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Indus Spotlight

Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community

We hosted a fun playdate on Saturday for parents and their child to engage in an exciting baking session guided by experts from Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community. Benefits Builds Math Skills. Enriche...

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Drink More Water

'Drink More Water' drive continues consciously as senior students move around school ensuring everyone follows through with their posters with original anecdotes....

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Collaborative Learning Model in Early Years

Collaborative learning model in early years - man machine teams. Teacher, NAO and students. Robot will teach what Google can teach and teachers will teach what Google cannot teach: education of the h...

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Halloween Halo all around

Superheroes , Vampires , Wizards , Witches , Ghosts , Pirates , Princesses all cast a spooky spell as they prance about and exclaim " Trick or Treat " ...

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Early childhood to Elderly childhood: Spreading smiles

A prep one parent’s initiative of spreading the “Joy of light“ this Diwali supporting the words of Mr. Joseph from Augustine Nivas “From Early Childhood to Elderly Childhood”. All the art and craft de...

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