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Indus Spotlight

5 reasons that set Indus International School Apart from the rest

5 reasons why Indus International family is where you belong: Whole -Education – Indus believes that skill development...

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Smart Creatives – Training the Teachers

Indus lays great stress on professional development of teachers and envisions nurturing teachers who are educators who h...

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Giving back to the society, now and forever

At Indus International School, we believe Leaders are born out of the teachers who strive for excellence in their classr...

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The Environment Brigade

Battling environmental degradation is something we take very seriously at Indus International School. Enabling youngster...

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Aug 13
Grade 12 Leadership Camp for Batch 1
Aug 15
Independence Day celebrations
Aug 17
Grade 12 Leadership Camp for Batch 2
Aug 17
Gender Sensitization
Aug 18
PYP Essay Writing Competition
Aug 24
PYP Art Challenge

From the CEO’s desk

Lieutenant General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)Chief Executive Officer
Indus Trust

Dear Friends,

Peak Performance

There is no straight forward definition of peak performance. It is not merely winning gold medals, out of turn promotions and hefty salaries; but the ability to pursue excellence in life. Peak performance is, therefore, not episodic, but a way of life to unleash our brain and body’s maximum potential.

It is important to know that we are doing our best. Our best is not determined by output alone. It is whether we are walking the extra mile, and whether we experience flow. Flow is a positive state of mind characterised by total involvement in what one is doing, that one loses all sense of time, place and the past.

With warm regards,