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Indus Spotlight

Enhancing learning with traditions

At Indus International School Bangalore we believe that craft-centered education creates a balance between theory and monotonous learning through creative stimulation and self-expression. We encourage...

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Community leadership for a better tomorrow

It is extremely vital for our students to understand privilege, sensitize them to socio-economic norms and realize the dignity of labor. Our servant leadership initiative, Community Kitchen strives to...

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Empowering students with the power of art

Our efforts at rectifying the imbalance in our education system through empowering both students and artists finds a deep connect with Gandhian principles of craft-centered education. The concepts of ...

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Creating leaders the holistic way

The Indus IBPYP Exhibition is the culmination of our students’ holistic learning journey. To educate the heart and the mind and not the brain alone, it is imperative that students learn by doing, unde...

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Redefining education with innovation

The introduction of drone systems in our curriculum can lead to the development of organizational and cultural values in students making them more suitable for future leadership roles. The application...

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