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Collaborative Learning Model

85% of a teacher’s time is spent in routine tasks: preparation and delivery of content (4 out of 7 periods a day), formative and summative assessments, house-keeping and record-keeping chores. As a result, she finds it a challenge to spend quality time and personalize learning; to teach the child, and not just the subject. After all, that is her primary role.

We intend to introduce teacher-robots in the near future; they will make the teacher more relevant than what they are today. This will be marked by complementary between human teachers and robots as shown below:

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From the CEO’s desk

Lieutenant General Arjun Ray, PVSM, VSM (Retd.)Chief Executive Officer
Indus Trust

Dear Friends,

Adapt and Innovate

The speed of change and knowledge obsolescence is hurtling us into a future we do not know.

  • Where changes in the next 20 years will be more profound and unpredictable, than what we have experienced in the previous 5000 years.
  • Where VUCA are the most natural conditions of life.
  • Where the rate of acceleration will be awesome.
  • When AI and machine-learning will dominate our life and work.

We must ADAPT and INNOVATE; or else we will suffer from what Alvin Toffler calls “future shock”, the disease of change.

With warm regards,