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Fee Policy

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SCHOOL FEE POLICY (Academic Year 2011 - 2012)

01. The School Fee Is applicable for the academic year August to June.

02. At the time of admission, the student has to pay Prospectus Fee, Registration Fee, Admission Fee & Refundable Security deposit.

03. The Annual fee and other fee have to be paid two months prior to commencement of school.

Fees are inclusive of :

04. Stationary, boarding & lodging, routine in school medical care accident insurance,laundry & transport expenses for school visits within Bangalore for school events.

Variable Expenses

05. Other Costs (Field trip, Uniform, Pocket Money & books) are only approximate The actual amount spent will be intimated to the parents and shortfalls/excesses will be recovered /reimbursed at the end of the academic year.

Transportation Fee

06. The day scholar and weekly boarder students opted for transportation have to pay 'Transpotation Fee' as prescribed from time to time. Increase undue in fuel price will be recovered from students as and when such increase occurs.

Options for paying fee

07. Option one is payment of fee in full at one stretch.

08. Option two is payment of Annual fee in two installment. Students opting to pay Annual fee in two installment will have to pay an additional Rs.20,000.

09. The second installment of annual fee will be 50% of annual fee payable on or before 30th November. All other applicable fee will have to be paid along with first installment.

10. Fee are accepted in DD/cheque favouring 'Indus International School' payable at Bangalore.

11. All fees are payable in INR Only. Payments made in other acceptable currency (US dollars, UK pounds or Euro) will be converted to INR at rates prevailing on the day of deposit of fees. Shortfall due to currency variation will be recoverable from student.

12. Fees are also accepted by Credit Card (Only Visa & Mastro cards) with additional credit card charges of 2.5% on total fee payable.

Late Fee

15. No student,whose fee remains unpaid in full or in part, will be allowed to sit for a board examination, and untill the outstanding fee is received no internal examination results, reports, Transfer Certificates or recommendations to future schools/colleges will be issued to the student or parent.

16. If the fee is not paid even after 3 fotnightly reminders, the child's name shall be struck off from the school's records and all dues shall be forfeited from the security deposit to the extent possible for balance, if any, the school shall resort to legal recourse.


17. Students converting from Boarding to Day boarding should do so at the end of a semester. Students converting from Boarding to Day boarding in the middle of the semister shall have to pay boarding fee for the full semister. Weekly boarder staying back on week days will be charged seperately.

Refund /Withdrawls

18. Students wishing to withdraw should give at least one semister's notice (Aug-Dec/Jan-june).

19. In case of Withdrawal, fee pertaining to the semister falling in the notice period shall be payable by the student.

20. In the case of withdrawal without notice, the same shall be forfeited from the security deposit of the student.

21. Prospectus/Registration and Admission fee are Non-Refundable. Admission fee is refundable only if the student discontinue before commencement of school.

22. All refund will be paid after obtaining clearence certificate and after one month from the last day of student attending the school.

Migration Of Students within Indus School's

23. Registration and Admission fee has to be paid when students transfers from one school to another.

24. Students accounts will be closed and the balance will be refunded in the respective schools.

25. Reduction of 10% in the annual fees if the student moves at the middle of academic session.

26. Reduction of 15% in the annual fees if the student moves at the completion of academic session.

Security Deposit

27. The deposit is non-interest bearing and is refundable upon the student passing out/leaving the school.

28. Any unpaid dues of the student shall be recovered from his/her security deposit.

29. The Security deposit shall be refunded within 60days of withdrawl/passing out of the student after adjusting unpaid dues, if any.

Bank Charges

30. All Bank Charges pertaining to inward remmitance of school fee, if any, shall be debited to students account.

31. if the bank dishonoured cheque amount is not made good in 2 working days the matter may be handed over to the legal department.

Disclaimer : Indus International School-Bangalore has put in place policies & regulations necessary for efective functioning of the School. The School reserves the right to amend its policies and fee structure whenever considerd necessary & appropriate.


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